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Mar 1, 2013 09:00 AM

Anthony Bourdin on Archer last night

I love Archer., for those unfamiliar it's an animated adult TV show about Sterling Archer the most self absorbed Spy ever. Very Adult and IMO very funny.

Anyway last night featured A.B. as Chef Lance Casteau host of the reality TV show "Bastard Chef"

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    I did, loved it. Eater captured a few highlights.

    1. Thanks here is a link to the clips

      oops sorry you linked already.

      1. We dvr'd it and will watch it tonight. Archer is one of my favorite shows. Anthony Bourdin will be capers on my salmon!

        1. I love Archer and had a great time watching "Bastard Chef" with my brother, who teases me about watching Top Chef. I was so glad to see the Eater clips! The whole premise, with "no reservations" worked into it, was marvelous!

          1. That was great! And check out the scene where the Bastard Chef is throwing produce at Archer and Cyril (about 5 minutes in). There's what appears to be a durian behind them!