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Mar 1, 2013 08:47 AM

Driving from Seattle to Phoenix, AZ.

I am a Foodie who hates chain restaurants.

My recent experience at Claim Jumpers is a good example. Bleh.

I'll be driving from Seattle to Phoenix, Arizona next week and was hoping some of you could tell me where I should eat and stay the night.

Sacramento is almost the mid-point, but I would rather not stay the night in that despicable city.

Thank you for your help.

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  1. Since this board only covers the Washington and Oregon portion of your trip, you might want to post something on the California Board. Might also help to provide some info on your route or cities you'll be passing through.

    1. I'll be following I-5 for most of the trip.

      This will take me passed Portland, Salem...Medford, Ashland...

      Then I'll go through Redding, Sacramento, hit Los Angeles and take the 10 over to Phoenix.

      1. I do this drive annually with the kids and dogs, so my spots are limited. A good tip is to use the Trover app. I have founds some great places that way.

        Heaven on Earth (I5 southern Oregon) is fair for food, but great for baked goods

        Natural Foods in Reedsport OR - west coast of OR. Simple but organic, grass fed, offered gluten free

        We usually overnight in Oakland, eat breakfast and lunch in SFO and then head to Bakersfield, overnight there and then head to Phx the next day.