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Mar 1, 2013 08:43 AM

Review: Russian Family Restaurant in Redwood City

Checked out Russian Family Restaurant in downtown Redwood City with Dee Glaze and a friend last night and enjoyed the food. It really is a family restaurant. The husband runs the front of the house and his wife is in the back cooking. The place was about half-full at 7:00p on a Thursday evening .
We loved the Ukrainian borscht (Borshch Ukrainskiy). It was nicely balanced with plenty of beet and beef-stock flavors with lots of veggies, too. A big dollop of sour cream brought it all together. DeeGlaze started with the Salad “Vinegret,” or beet salad which was bright diced-up beets and kidney beans with a light vinegar dressing.
For main courses we tried the mushroom dumplings (Pelmeny s Gribami) as well as Siberian-style beef dumplings (Pelmeny Myasom). These were doughy and densely packed with deep, rich flavors, as you’d expect accompanied by a sour cream dipping sauce. Some caramelized onions helped the mushroom dumplings. The most successful dish was Grandma’s Patties (Babushkiny Zrazy). These are mashed potato packets stuffed with finely ground beef topped with a creamy mushroom sauce. Very comforting and delicious. Some sour pickles and raw scallions on the side helped cut the starch and beefiness.
The tab for three appetizers, three main courses and soft drinks came to $85 before tip. We were happy with our selections and all agreed that we would return. Everything seemed fresh and well-prepared. The husband/owner is a character and as the night progressed was putting away vodka after vodka with some of his cronies at an adjacent table. The vibes are friendly and the food is comforting. Give it a shot.

Russian Family Restaurant
2086 Broadway Redwood City

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  1. I wrote a note about this place in another thread, had almost the exact experience of ChewChew. As someone who lived in Poland for a few months, the food and atmosphere have a great authenticity. Regrettably the place is generically lit with the chairs are uncomfortable - but the atmosphere is great. It's trying to be a hole-in-the-wall.

    I prefer Bona in MP for the pure food - and I like Polish better than Russian - Bona's menu is more interesting - but Russian Family is a great addition to the local scene and you should try it.

    Especially if you're willing to hang out and drink vodka and have some caviar and blinis.

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      I had not heard of either place before, but a yelper claims Bona has closed:

      True? I'm sad never to have known about it before!

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        Here's your post,

        For some reason, it's not coming up in the related discussions.

      2. Two years later. I just discovered this gem on Broadway in Redwood City. I had only a light lunch, but based on that and on my experience on a visit to Russia some years ago, it's clear that this is an authentic traditional Russian rstaurant, very well executed. This is worth going some distance to get to if it's the cuisine you want.

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          I was worried the place would close, but it's still there, and every time I walk past the place is about half full. No waiting, no big thing.

          On a related note, there's a new viet place on that block, and the vietnamese crepe was pretty good. Bahn Mi was OK but a little large and with only average bread.