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Mar 1, 2013 08:30 AM

Great izakaya in Ginza/Marunouchi area?

Does anyone know of a great izakaya that's in the Ginza/Marunouchi area? I'm thinking something along the lines of Nabura in Roppongi.

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  1. Nabura is a kappo-ryori/kaiseki restaurant - not an izakaya. So are you looking for an upscale izakaya or a casual kappo restaurant?

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    1. re: wekabeka

      Thanks for the clarification wekabeka. I'd be open to trying both an upscale izakaya and a kappo ryori if you have any strong recommendations.

      1. re: chutster

        Moto, near Shimbashi Station, is an excellent choice for the higher-end izakaya/kappo genre. Great food and even better sake.

        Sasahana is a lovely - and reasonably priced - kappo/kaiseki option in Ginza. You can order a la carte, or choose one of the kaiseki courses (¥6,300, ¥8,400, ¥12,600).

    2. Kura-rin in Ginza is quite nice - they do regional cuisine from Niigata along with good beer and sake. It's almost all private rooms, if you don't mind that:

      Daigomi ( ) in the Maru Biru is much more festive, with excellent charcoal-grilled dishes.

      1. i really like moromiya on the edge of nihonbashi and ginza ( great selection of sake and outstanding food (loved the grilled buri cheeks last nov).