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Mar 1, 2013 08:27 AM

LA Weekly's 99 Essential Restaurants 2013

To me, the epitome of, shall I say, literary douchebaggery in a food-related article are these lines in the Gjelina chapter:

"Among the flowers and leaves and rays of dappled sunlight shining down on the bricks and tables and beautiful people (waiters and customers both)..."

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  1. Literary douchebaggery, indeed.

    1. Written with the literary genius of a 13 year old with access to google.

      1. thanks for the warning.
        will not read any of the article.
        can't stand that kind of "writing."

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        1. To be fair, this list does have its positives. For one, there isn't the need for J. Gold to carry over some of his dated favorites from when the list was first conceived, year-to-year. Also, not the biggest fan of B. Rodell's either so far, but it's not just her contributing. There were a few inspired additions, with the excerpts written by others.

          1. It has some interesting choices, but there isn't much depth or reasoning in the writing.