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Mar 1, 2013 07:37 AM

Innovative steak restaurant in Boston...

Taking our 22 year old son and friends out for his birthday dinner tmro night and looking for something fresh and fun in a steak restaurant. Would also be a plus if the noise level was one where we could have a conversation. Any thoughts?

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  1. Bogie's Place at JM Curley

    1. How about the newly revamped Oak Room in the Fairmont Copley?

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        There is one steak on the menu (boneless ribeye) at the Oak Long Bar & Kitchen, but the place is rather loud. It's also something of a scene these days, and as it doesn't take reservations, getting seated for dinner usually involves a long wait: 90 minutes is not unusual on a Saturday night.


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          Oak Long Bar & Kitchen absolutely takes reservations. Via Open Table too.

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            Sorry, my mistake, based on its website: "Reservations: our apologies, Oak Long Bar + Kitchen is not currently accepting reservations. Walk-ins are always welcome."

            No OpenTable link there, either. But as I said, it's really busy these days: there aren't any deuces or four-tops available to reserve for most of Friday and Saturday night already.


      2. Probably too late to get a reservation at Bogie's. There's not much fresh and fun going on at most of Boston's steakhouses. A few ideas:

        * The Stockyard in Brighton. Recenly reopened under new ownership. Free parking and cool mid-century atmosphere, like a big noisy tavern. No surprises otherwise, except maybe the prices if you remember the old regime.

        * A Brazilian churrascaria. Fogo de Chau is the new, fancy one in Back Bay (the Westin), $50/head for rodizio (all you can eat). There are cheaper, less glitzy alternatives like the Midwest Grill in East Cambridge.

        * A French bistro for steak-frites. Gaslight has a youthful vibe, but is crushingly loud. Perhaps Brasserie Jo, Petit Robert, or Pierrot.

        * A touristy teppanyaki joint like Bisuteki on Memorial Drive in Cambridge. Not my favorite, but the kids might enjoy the show.

        * The New Bridge Cafe in Chelsea for steak tips. Another ancient, locals-oriented place, very casual.

        * Wood-grilled steak at an Italian steakhouse. Prezza in the North End is my favorite; Davio's Back Bay would also suit. They're on the pricey side.

        * Lomo saltado at a Peruvian joint. My favorite is Rincon LimeƱo in Eastie, but Machu Picchu in Somerville would also suit. (The latter gets my new prize for most annoying website.)

        * Korean "BBQ" (tableside grilling), with lots of galbi and bulgoki. Koreana near Inman Square is a good choice for neophytes.

        * Bistec a la jardinera or encebollado at a Puerto Rican place. Vejigantes in the South End is a fancy-ish place for this category.


        1. The steak frites at Central Kitchen in Cambridge is divine. They probably only have that one steak dish, but it's really all you need. Rest of menu usually quite interesting, too, though it can get a little loud. As you can tell, I really like it there.

          1. how many friends? mcslim is right that bogie's may be too late, but if its just, say, 4 of you, it may be possible if you can take an early or late seating, or even barstools (though that may just be 3) which i believe are kept for walk-ins. it is definitely the spot to go for innovative steak house with hushed noise level....