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Mar 1, 2013 07:19 AM

Four Burgers - new breakfast menu

Noticed that the Cambridge Four Burgers has started serving breakfast daily 7-11 a.m. There's a little bit about it on Twitter and Facebook but haven't seen other mentions.

An assortment of egg sandwiches, oatmeal, OJ, hash browns, filter coffee from Barismo. One egg sandwiches are $6.50, which seems good to me given the premium locally sourced ingredients (eg. turkey breakfast sausage made in house from Misty Knoll turkey.) A dollar for an extra egg.

So far I've tried two of the more basic sandwiches : The Local (bacon egg and cheese with hash browns) and the Sage Turkey Sausage. Both excellent.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I will definitely check that out...

    1. Every time I hear the name of this place all I can think is... Fur Burgers.

      Ha! gets me every time.