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Guu'd news - reservations + lunch

Went to Guu Izakaya last night. To my happy surprise, they take some reservations now - I believe it's Sundays through Thursdays, from 5-10, as well as the 5:00 seating on Fridays and Saturdays. On their menu, they also noted that starting March 4th, they'll be serving lunch. Two excellent pieces of news. Food was delicious as always, including a daily special of lobster tempura with matcha salt, and the room - customers and wait staff alike - was friendly and fun. Always a great night out.

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    1. I am so excited they're starting to serve lunch! Any idea if the menu will be the same as the dinner menu?

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            I'm guessing szw is referring to the recent glut of new izakaya restos, some of which take reservations.

            As to your other question kwass, just did a quick check of Guu's twitter and I think the lunch menu is different - or maybe the main menu is the same but they have lunch specials?


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                Maybe I'm getting old (lol), but i could not read the menu on their twitter page.

          2. I happened to be there yesterday as well. Food is lovely but their bbq sauce is terrible. Instead of offering an "asian inspired" sauce, it tasted like generic crap from a bottle. The duck breast offering was completely ruined by it.

            1. Sigh, and I was hoping there would be Katsu Curry for lunch, I don't understand why they would not put that on the menu, it's a staple at their Vancouver spot.

              1. Planning on going to Guu next week for lunch. Never been before. Does it make a difference what location I go to, Bloor or Church?

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                  We went to the Bloor location last week and had the sukiyaki and chirashi. Both were delicious and nicely composed and presented. I go weak in the knees for yummy teishoku...

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                    So the Bloor location is just as good as the Church location?

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                      I've always thought so - in fact, I've never noticed any difference in quality between the two.

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                          I would agree that food quality is good at both. BUT I go to the Church Street location 5 times for every 1 time I go to the Annex one - the vibe is way better, in my view, at the original spot. Haven't been to either for lunch yet so there may not be as much of a difference during the daytime.

                2. Went to Guu today for lunch, and it was so delicious! I'm not sure if people are aware, but @ lunch, they don't serve tapas. Each menu item is a full meal, almost like a Bento Box. I also wanted to let everyone know, that for those who don't like crowds, lunch time is a great time to go. It wasn't busy at all, although I'm sure that will change once more people discover that they're open for lunch.

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                    Which location did you visit kwass and what did you eat?

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                      I visited the Bloor St Location, and I had the saba mackerel, which was in a miso broth. One of my friends had the karaage, which is the deep fried chicken, and my other friend had the deep fried fish, which was one piece of breaded deep-fried white fish, one piece of breaded-deep fried shrimp, breaded deep-fried onions, and breaded-deep-fried quail eggs. All of the dishes came with miso soup, rice, and pickled vegetables. The mackerel was cooked perfectly, and I was able to try a bit of both of my friends' dishes, and there wasn't one bad item. The only thing that I didn't try, which I wish I had, was the deep-fried quail eggs.

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                          It really was!! I highly recommend it!!