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Mar 1, 2013 06:13 AM

Restaurant/Grocery Stores near South Beach 40th street Collins Area for WMC

I will be staying in South Beach and need some ideas on where to eat near where we are staying on 40th street. Open to any kind of cuisine. Spots where we can grab a quick bite before hitting the scene, or a nicer place for a night or two of fine dining. What about grocery stores?

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  1. 40th street & collins is not the best place for getting quick bites or going to a grocery store. I am not in the area enough to recommend anything specifically.

    However, you have a few good expensive options that are within walking distance:
    1500 degrees

    If you are willing to cab, you have a lot of options that have been posted on this board many times.

    Technically, South Beach ends around 29th st, these days. You are staying in Miami Beach but just north of South Beach.

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      If you go about 25-30 blocks north, there are much more casual options available in North Beach - Buenos Aires Bakery, El Rey del Chivito, Mosies Bakery, Sazon Cuban, Mr. Taco all right on Collins. The Publix around 69th & Collins may be your closest real grocery store (and it is newly refurbished and one of the nicer Publixs - which is sort of damning with faint praise, but it's not all bad).