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Mar 1, 2013 05:10 AM

scones by the bunch

I'm looking for a bakery to provide scones, preferably mini ones, for a tea room that will be opening in a historic house museum in Lexington, preferably a place that will deliver. Concord Tea cakes has just what we want but doesn't deliver. Love, love Verrill farms but doubt they'll deliver either. Checking with them, Danish Pastry house, Petsie's and Quebrada today. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

wouldn't rule out someone without a store front but with a legal, commercial kitchen, a la Butter Girl who sadly is too busy to make cookies for us.

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  1. You could give Petal's Table a call. I've had her scones and thought they were really good.

    1. you might try clear flour and japonaise. An excellent home bakery is sweet mandel (you can find them on line) in newton but I don't know if the ladies make scones.

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        I LOVE Clear Flour, but their scones are huge and pretty seriously far from my favorite, either of Clear Flour's products or as examples of a scone.

        Sweet Mandel specializes rather specifically in German baked goods, so fairly unlikely to do scones.

        1. re: Allstonian

          never hurts to ask - so many restaurants buy from Clear Flour they may make something to order - and yes, I very much like Sweet Mandel's German product, but perhaps they'd do scones if it was a regular order. I figure asking doesn't cost anything and all three of my recommendations, in my opinion, make excellent product.

      2. Babycakes and Confections in Stow?

        1. I assume you've checked with Sweet Thyme. How about the cupcake cafe in Bedford that replaced Cafe Darling? I can't remember the name, though I think they just replaced the word "Darling" in the sign with something else.

          1. I like the scones from Nashoba Brook and they are local, but I don't know if they deliver (though my guess is they do).