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Mar 1, 2013 05:09 AM

staying near Cavour Station...would appreciate recommendations

We will be in an apartment near Cavour station for 6 days. We are looking for mainly casual/family style restaurants to dine with our children (ages 13 and 10). So far we have Traverna dei Fori Imperiali, La Bottega del Caffe, Colline Emilliane and la Carbonara.

Any other recommendations? Since we are going to be visiting the major attractions, I would appreciate some non-touristy recommendations near the Vatican, Borghese Gallery, and Spanish Steps.

Thank you in advance for your time.

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  1. I actually just got back from Rome yesterday. Going during the slightly off season was wonderful.

    Among the names you mentioned, my husband and I went to Colline Emiliane and loved it. The food was great (the fresh pastas are probably the best we had in Rome), the place was lively but not too loud, and our servers (an old gentleman and a young guy) were very friendly and helpful.

    Pizzarium is about 10 minutes' walk from the Vatican museum, I think that's the best pizza in Rome. We stood at the side counter and shared 6 kinds of pizza (rosso, caramelized onion and cherry tomato, potato, fennel, margarita and artichoke) and they were amazing, especially the pies that just got out of the oven. It's a bit chaotic with no seating area, but I thought it was very much worth it.

    My favorite trattoria of this trip was Armando al Pantheon, right around the corner from the Pantheon (left side street where the taxi stand is). Traditional Roman trattoria, very very good food at very reasonable prices, friendly service. When we went for lunch it was crowded with maybe half tourists and half office workers. The place isn't very big, so if you think of going you should reserve or show up when they open. Around the corner from the trattoria is a small but excellent gelato place, Cremarie something (sorry, I stayed across from it, so didn't look at the name, just knew it was there).

    I hope this is helpful to you. I'm sure there will be a lot more replies and recommendations. One off topic thing I'd say is for all the major sites, book in advance for early in the morning if you can, you avoid a lot of the crowd that way. My husband and I were in the Sistine Chapel and the Rooms of Raphael with 2 other people at 8:30AM, and when we walked back again around 10 it was hard to even move.

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      Thank you for your suggestions! I can't wait to try Pizzarium and Armando al Pantheon.

    2. Lots to choose from in Monti, where you will be staying.

      For Pizza, try Le Carette on Via Madonna dei Monti. The kids will love it.

      Bottega di Cafe: a lovely bar in the main piazza, a great place to eat all day long. The food is not anything special, but if you're on the go, and the kids are hungry and you want a glass of wine, it's a great place to hang out for a hour. Also, not bad for breakfast.

      Taverna dei Fori Imperiali: one of my favorites.But make sure you book ahead, they are always full.

      Trattoria Valentino on Via del Boschetto is a true neighborhood favorite. Very simple, but very good, limited menu.

      Don't miss Fata Morgana, for gelato on Via degli Zingari.

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        Thank you! I will be sure to make reservations.

        Just had another quick question for you, Elizabeth. My children are allergic to nuts (including peanuts) and to dairy products. Do you think the restaurants will accommodate such requests to have a "cheeseless" pasta or pizza? Also, how strict are their guidelines when it comes to labeling their gelatos? I know "dairy-free" and "nut-free" alternatives such as sorbettos are available.

        I have the allergy cards translated into Italian so I am hoping that it will be useful.

        Any advice would be much appreciated!