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Mar 1, 2013 04:55 AM

Junior's Cinnamon Bread

We really miss the cinnamon bread from Junior's. We used to have it shipped to us all the time and we would use it for french toast. Does anyone know where to get something similar or a recipe we could try?

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  1. I was not actually familiar with their cinnamon bread. The location of Juniors is now Lenny's Delicatessen .. and while they have hired most of the old Junior's employees I do not know if they have kept menu items like this too.

    Our favorite cinnamon dread in the area is from Bristol Farms. Pretty amazing stuff.

    1. My understanding is that the deli which replaced Junior's (Lenny's) is offering all the same items that Junior's had. I do notice that under "French Toast" that they do list "cinnamon" bread as one of the choices, so if I were you I'd check with them as see if you can't still get the very same bread from Lenny's that you loved when it was Junior's: