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Mar 1, 2013 04:09 AM

Got my Goat (pigeon, pheasant, quail, rear leg of lamb, sirloin)

Bisra Glatt

I had previously purchased goat shechted by Rabbi Elkin at Kosher Marketplace, but they don't always have it. Now I find that I can order directly form Hackensack. And they deliver.

They offer whole back leg of lamb. Sirloin. Pigeons.

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  1. Unfortunately they don't ship nationwide. I'd love to try some of this stuff, but I don't live in the area. :(

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    1. re: sharonfl

      Saw kosher goat at Rockland kosher in moonset

      1. WOW! I know a of only two schochets that would do this thing on the fly for private friends and clients. THIS IS AMAZING! The prices are not bad at all considering the product. How's the quality? How's the pheasant?

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          Enjoyed roasted goat today at a friend's house - a freind who is an amazing cook. It was tender, flavorful , absolutely superb.

          He arrange procures his own animals. And has Rabbi Elkin shecht it. You do take a substantial risk (he can arrange to sell it if he finds that it is treif - but at a loss.) But if you want to meet certain standards of pasturage or a particular breed.

          Looking forward to trying the pheasant and the pigeons.

          1. Adina, Where in Hackensack can you order this and do they deliver in the tri-state area or just northern NJ? Thanks