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Mar 1, 2013 02:23 AM

Crete in May

Planning a trip to Crete, likely the Eastern side around Elounda but we will have a vehicle and are willing to travel. I did a search of the board and came up with zero posts (with responses) about Cretan restaurants or markets... so here's my effort to gather some info.

We will be primarily interested in Cretan food while on the island and seafood would be the focus, although venturing inland for other specialities is not out of the picture. Price point is wide open, from the best street stalls to the highest end joint on the island.

Any comments about food markets (green and/or wet) at the Eastern end would be appreciated as we will have a kitchen and would like to dig into local produce of all varieties. Any info on what's in season in May would also be appreciated.

What's Chow worthy in Crete?

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  1. check out Nikki Rose, who is very into local food:

    Also, I was in crete 7 years ago and remember the market in Chania to be very nice--a handsome building, with varied local products, used by locals and visitors. Includes stalls and a restaurant.

    Good luck!

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      Thanks for the response, unfortunately the courses from Nikki Rose don't match our travel dates and anything custom has to be for groups of 8 or more... we're just 2.

      We may get to Chania during our visit and will checkout the market while there if we do. We have the Heraklion market on our itinerary for the 2 days we are there before flying home.

    2. Giving this request a bump as I'm about a month away from arriving in Crete.


      1. I replied to Crete food question and will be easy to find as I have very few posts.
        Even though it is a few years old, there is a good chance that little has changed with traditional family run places.

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        1. re: Aishling

          I see part of the problem, when I search "Chowhound" for "Crete" I only get 5 topics, none of which are of much use... if I search "Entire Site" for "Crete" a whole lot more old posts come up with info, including yours Aishling.

          I'll go through the Entire Site results now as there are a few posts about the area I'll be in.

          Thanks for helping me figure this out.

        2. In Gouves, closest to the old Iraklion Air Station, all of the restaurants were fantastic thirty years ago. We hope to go back someday. I hope they are all still great. The pita stand has the best pitas in the world (and we have looked). Nikos has the best fried cheese (everything else is great there too). Just ask when you get there where all of the oldest restaurants are. It has probably changed a lot. Totally jealous! Have a wonderful trip!