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Mar 1, 2013 12:33 AM

Cheap lunch in Chelsea/WV/HK

What are some good, cheap lunch places in the area?

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  1. That's really too general a question. What's your price range and what kinds of food do you prefer? That said, I can recommend a sabich at Taim, Thai food (especially on the so-called "Secret Thai" menu) at the original Wondee, savory and sweet pastries to go at Poseidon Bakery, inexpensive wurst and beer or wine at Hallo Berlin, and tacos at Tehuitzingo, so that gives you a good head start.

    1. Sandwich Planet at 9th and 39th for a huge menu of excellently executed sandwiches; no ambiance, but a sweet and unhurried staff.

      1. More specifics would help. But I like Artichoke Basille's on 10th Ave at 17th St. It's not my absolute favorite pizza in all of New York, but I love the burnt anchovy pie, and the fact that the portions are *giant* makes it even more affordable than it looks.

        1. See also:

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