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Feb 28, 2013 09:08 PM

enchilada sauce

I am cooking enchiladas for a large group of decent cooks and feel pressed for time. Is it a mortal sin to use a canned sauce? Is there a brand you would recommend?

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  1. When my family makes what we call "lazy mans chile colorado" we use a can of Las Palmas. To pretend we are actually cooking we make a roux with some masa harina and also add some cumin and new mexican red chile powder.

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      Las Palmas is good. Dunno what's available in other areas, so if you have a Kroger-branded store (Smith's, Fred Meyer, QFC, others?) in your area, we recently tried their store brand, in a jar, and it was tasty (we tried the red).

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        A while back there was a thread in which the OP throught Las Palmas was horrible. But turned she like the consistency of Old El Paso, which has tomato and starch thickener. The thin, mostly chile consistency of Las Palmas was not what she expected, even though it can argued that it is more authentic.

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          Never been a fan of Old El Paso or putting tomato in chile colorado. But to each their own.

          Making our familys chile colorado recipe from scratch is very labor intensive so I only make it once a year for xmas tamales.

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        We use that "shortcut, lazy" method in our corporate restaurant. Customers love it.

      3. A sin. Certainly not, but what kind of enchiladas are you making? If it's basic beef and cheese no problem.

        1. Trader Joe's Enchilada sauce comes in a bottle- only one strength but spicy enough for us and not to thin, not too thick.

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          1. I recently posted about this in a 'what's for dinner' thread.

            I used two cans of hatch green enchilada sauce and loved it. It did feel like a sin as I've always made it from scratch before. It made me feel.... guilty, whatever.

            But that hatch sauce from a can was really good. I won't be making it from scratch any more. Also, the can said no preservatives, no msg, etc. , etc.

            They make a red sauce too. Haven't tried that one yet.

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              May I ask where you bought the Hatch enchilada sauce? I don't think I've seen it at Safeway nor Target (in Northern California).

              I usually buy Las Palmas green chile enchilada sauce but mix with fresh salsa verde from the store (fresh can get expensive) as the can by itself is pretty muted. LP red sauce is more flavorful.

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                I bought it at HEB (in Texas), which you don't have in CA. I googled it and the company has a website where you can order it. Or you might just email them to see what stores have it in your area.

                The cans I used the other day didn't need any doctoring at all. But I suspect it's like canned tomatoes. They vary according the the quality of the harvest.


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                  Hah, just might have to ask mom & dad to schlepp some cans up here from the Heart 'O Texas! Will keep a look out for it locally...thanks.

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                  I've seen Hatch products at Albertsons and Sprouts. I'm in So. CA. In fact, I just got a can of the green enchilada sauce yesterday from Sprouts.

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                      I've gotten the Hatch sauces at Whole Foods.

              2. If it's a good one, I'd say it's okay. I'd dress it up a bit. Add some spices, maybe onions and simmer meat in it for a little bit. Then strain.