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Feb 28, 2013 08:30 PM

West Maui - cooking and eating on the cheap

I had a surprise invite along with a group to Napili Bay next week. We're going to try and keep our meals cheap by cooking at a questionably-stocked rental condo. What simple, few-ingredient recipes would you recommend for this kind of situation? I'd prefer to try cooking with whatever seafood is available in the area. Where should we shop?

Also, any recommendations for lunches and inexpensive dinners? Are there any food trucks, etc? I'd like to try as much Hawaiian food as I can because there's not much where I live.

Thanks so much, sorry I'm woefully unprepared.

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  1. Aloha..
    Hit up the Costco across the street from the OGG Airport..
    Safeway (great Ahi Poke) and Longs (great for alcohol deals)
    Farmers Market..

    Love grilling and cocktail'n after a day of fun and sun..
    Love getting some fresh Ahi and drinking mai tais out on the lanai.

    We usually stay in Napili and here are my faves:
    Gazebo for breakfast/lunch
    Happy hours at Hula Grill and Duke's
    Sansei happy hour
    Plantation House at Kapalua for deal for the fancy clubhouse..fab views and no lines.

      1. We stay in Napili all the time and love it! (Which condo complex are you in?) There is a place called the Fish Market nearby that is great for fairly cheap (this IS Hawaii) fish sandwiches and tacos for lunch and also has fish for sale to prepare at the condo. They have a punch card for the sandwiches, which, depending on how many of you go and how often, may entitle you to a free sandwich). Good quality. Napili has a store nearby (you will pass it on your way to the condo). There is also a Maui Tacos place in the same marketplace and a BBQ place, both are reasonably good.

        Also in the same complex as the Fish Market is a Mexican place (Ohana Tacos; it is at the other end of the small marketplace) that is also good. It used to be a food truck, then became brick and mortar. Good food/value.

        For a bit of a spurge, I highly recommend Merriman's (on the other side of the Napili Kai, walking distance). It is pricey, though. Worth a trip early for Happy Hour on the back patio (great views). I recommend the "short" Mai Tai (can't remember what it is called, but it is potent and more authentic than the taller, more fru-fru version) and definitely the Kalua Pig Quesadillas and/or beef sliders.

        I have never been a fan of the Sea House Restaurant (we STRONGLY prefer Merriman's for food quality), although it is right on the beach at Napili. If you go, go for drinks/apps at sunset or lunch and ask for the ahi poke nachos, which in the past have not been on the menu, but they have made for us when we asked for it. They are very good.

        Agree with Sansai Happy Hour - a good deal. The Gazebo and Plantation House are OK (and the Gazebo is cheap), but if you are trying to save your $$$, why spend it on breakfast, that is the easiest meal to have at the condo...?


        1. Fish Market Maui in Honokowai is also the place to get your fresh fish, not cheap, but super fresh, right off the truck! The owner of the shop is a fisherman, I believe. They will make fresh poke to order for you too, so good!