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Feb 28, 2013 07:28 PM

Flour Power

A diagnosis of Celiac disease has broadened my horizon. Call me a poor sport but substitutions for "the real thing" have always made me feel deprived. Ice milk should be illegal and I'd rather do without than use Fat Free Half and Half. What IS that anyway? Half skim milk and half...??

Thankfully there are now tons of Gluten Free products and recipes around. I'm not looking for GF. What I'm looking for are non wheat flours in the "real version." Imagine my delight to learn that corn starch and egg is used in American Chinese recipes to fry chicken. I'm excited to read about Indian besan (chickpea flour). Suddenly grits sound fun and I'm dreaming about perfect masa for tamales. Almond flour? Sounds delicious...what do you use it for? Rice flour?

I'll be grateful for your ideas.

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  1. velvet chicken:

    add tapioca starch and chestnut meal to your mix.

    my local southeast asian places use rice flour on their fried squid and it is killer addictive.

    i gave up wheat a few years back, but never tried any "gluten-free" products. too processed and franken-foody. think outside the box. it gets easier.

    nut "flours" are far heavier than wheat flour, so not an even exchange, but can provide the occasional baked treat. lots of low-carb or paleo recipes are based on almond or coconut meal, so google-fu that too.

    1. I admire your imagination and applaud your approach.

      1. I also love chickpea flour. I use it in Indian dosa, but also in mediterranean dishes like Socca and farinata. I like them with toppings too.

        I have recently become smitten with vegetarian savory patties. I mix chickpea flour, quinoa and a smashed bean together with an egg and choice of seasonings. Then fry in a pan until golden and top with an aoli. Really simple and quick, especially if you keep some quinoa cooked up in the fridge. More like a crab cake than a burger. I make them southwest style, Greek, Mexican, etc. kinda fun...makes a nice little appetizer too.

        I use Elena's pantry cookbook and web site for the best uses for almond flour. I prefer almond flour for sweet and savory bottom only pie crusts...not just a lowly "sub". It's wonderful.

        1. Oh this is already helpful! Hotoynoodle, I'm on it. Sedimental, I love the patty ideas. I've been wondering about crab cakes anyway.
          Sandylc - Thank you & thanks for the info. I'll see you on the Tikka Masala thread!

          1. I've never done this, but one of the recipe blogs I like to read,, often uses almond flour/meal in the place of breadcrumbs for things like chicken breasts or pork chops. The site caters to South Beach dieters (ie very low carb), but perhaps you can visit it to get some good ideas.