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Feb 28, 2013 07:13 PM

Between Nashua and Boxford

Hi. Meeting someone special for lunch on Saturday and they want me to suggest the restaurant. Doesn't have to be right in-between Nashua and Boxford, but something that wouldn't be too far off course. Looking for nice atmosphere (unrushed) as well as good food. Price and type of food not as important. Thanks so much.

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  1. so would you want to meet off 128 between 93 and 95, or is there some back route that connects the two? Theres probably a lot that would fit the bill. Do you have any type food or place that you don't want? Or other preferences eg casual, upscale, pub, funky? Does "special" mean romantic, or parental, etc? Not being nosey, just trying to think of the best fit...

    1. I hope romantic :) Don't really want Mexican or Chinese food for lunch. Could include Lowell, Methuen, Andovers, or even Salem NH. Not upscale in the 'dress up' sense. It is just lunch afterall. Thanks.

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        In North Andover, Joe Fish, Orzo and Shadi's are all good. I especially like Joe Fish for good seafood and Shadi's for Middle Eastern cuisine. In Wndham, NH, The Common Man is also a good place.

      2. Ralphie's on rte 28 in Salem NH, good old school Italian, you won't be rushed and quiet enough for conversation and catching up. Also, The Phonecian in Haverhill, on the Methuen line, owners worked at the former Bishop's.

        1. I've not been, but have heard that the Tuscan Grill in Salem is a nice lunch spot. and if you want to extend the day, a walk thru the market they just opened is well worth it.
          ( I have been there. )

          1. Too bad I am just seeing this now..oh well. If there's a second date..I would try Cobblestones in Lowell.