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Feb 28, 2013 05:29 PM

Piperi Mediterranean

I grabbed lunch today from Piperi, the relatively new Mediterranean lunch spot located at One Beacon in the Financial District. I was somewhat reluctant to try it mostly because Zo is a stone throw away and Falafel King is only a few blocks away.

Overall I thought it was pretty good although not excellent. The falafel are cooked perfectly but seemed to lack seasoning. Hummus was solid as was the "bread" (it's really more a thicker wrap consistency) they serve their sandwiches on was good. Where they really excel is in options/quality/freshness of their toppings. Don't miss the Moroccan carrots.

In short, not a bad option if you are sick of Zo (is that even possible?), if you don't feel like walking to Falafel King or just want some different items on your sandwich/salad. I do think Falafel King has more flavorful falafels (plus it's nice to get a freebee while ordering). I will say the folks in Peperi were extremely nice and very accommodating.

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  1. I liked it too, am am glad for another option in the area. For me, its the option for a nicer salad with better ingredients, topped with falafel, etc. (No smelly iceberg!)