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Feb 28, 2013 04:51 PM

DC Weekend Eats

There will be a group of 9 of us, 6 teenagers 3 adults, in the DC over a weekend. We will be eating a fair amount of hotel food but will be shaken free for some meals. Most of us have traveled together before and know that we would rather have something local and Road Food 'ish than something corporate and typical what-you-think-teenagers-would-want. We are staying in Arlington close to the airport but are fine taking transit.We will also have free time in Georgetown, the National Mall and Pentagon Row. Suggestions?

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  1. You're probably in Crystal City then? Kabob Palace is on the West side of Rt 1 just behind the 7-11 on 23rd. Go to the first one (with the yellow awning).

    A bit further up 23rd, behind the diner, is a Greek place that's very good. White tablecloth type of place.

    There's more on 23rd, but not much really screams to go there.

    Saigon Saigon in P Row area has good pho - I have only had the pho there (but they have a full menu).

    The Tune Inn was on Diners Drive-ins and Dives. While I love the place the food is mainly to sop up alcohol, imo, and so I'm not sure why they were featured, but it's a neat place and you can see you've been there. It makes for a good stop after the Mall - walk up Cap Hill and angle to the South along Penn Ave, there's a couple of blocks of places. Further is Eastern Market. E. Market is very cool for the market itself over the weekends. Search and you'll find plenty on this board about it. It's smaller than many similar markets, but it's still worth a visit (and there's a metro stop there).

    1. Although Kabob Palace is close to your hotel, it features some pretty nasty, old steam table food and kabobs that are sometimes gray and grisly.

      If you don't mind traipsing around Arlington a bit, then I recommend Sibarita, which is a 15 minute walk from the Clarendon Metro station.

      More info:

      1. If you don't mind taking transit that is Orange line. Perhaps going up to Clarendon- Liberty Tavern might be a good option, Fuego, one of the Ray's locations.

        In Georgetown perhaps Tacklebox for something more casual, I forget what else is in gtown these days, you might like the Tombs.