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Feb 28, 2013 04:08 PM

Kramarczuk's Earns James Beard Award

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  1. Well deserved. Kramarczuk's is a sausage institution.

    1. That is fantastic, and such an awesome nose thumbing at the idiotic Panera-Chipotle-fication on E. Hennepin.

      1. Not only are the sausages top notch but their bakery ranks right up there too. I couldn't think of getting some sausages to grill without picking up a pack of buns too.

        1. Are there grocery stores in the Twin Cities that carry their sausages?

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          1. I find their sausages to be fantastic and the bread they make on site to be delicious (especially the carraway rye). I struggle driving there though when Hackenmuellers is a mile away from my house.

            Glad they got some recognition, and here is to hoping they have a long standing tradition that isn't just history.