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Feb 28, 2013 04:05 PM

Tarpon Springs (Who has the best Greek Salad?)

I went to Tarpon Springs a few months ago and was directed to a really popular Greek restaurant (it wasnt Pappas which is bad now so I hear.) I liked the restaurant overall but the Greek Salad was awful..I was surprised because the salads were a huge part of what people think of when they think of Tarpon Springs and Greek food...I get WAY better salads here in lakeland at the Louis Pappas "franchise" restaurant...Im looking for some recommendions for the best Greek place in Tarpon Springs...

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  1. My wife and I love the potato salad that's under the Greek Salad at Costa's, so that kinda makes it our favorite ----- especially when all the other components are really good too... Last time tho, we went to Hella's and had a great meal and a very tasty Greek Salad...

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      I did try Hellas and thats where I had the very uninspired Greek Salad..It looked like a bad tossed salad with a small chunk of feta thrown on...I went with memories of the old pappas Greek salad and it was nothing like that salad...I have eaten at the Louis Pappas Marketside cafe franchise restaurants in Tampa and Lakeland and their salad is fabulous..It comes regular or chopped and I love the chopped..It just seems strange that the only place you cant seem to get a great Greek Salad is in Tarpon Springs..I know the greek salad isnt realy authentic greek,but its what those of us old enough to remember the old Pappas restaurant in Tarpon Springs think of when we go for Greek Salad.

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        I have posted on another thread re: a very, very poor experience at Hellas. The restaurant keeps coming up on Chowhound as well recommended by many others, and I can't "argue" per se with others' experiences. But I certainly could not imagine going back there.
        Periodically we make a full-blown Pappas Greek Salad at home, and with that being our standard for Greek salads, we don't seek out restaurant versions. However, its good to know that the Pappas Cafes are still carrying on that tradition pretty well.

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          I was back in tarpon Springs last week and we ened up at Dimitris...The location is great...its right on the river and we actually got an outside table for lunch...The salad there was just so/so...A friend orderred the fried Calamari appetizer and it was a nice sized portion ..I orederred it as an entree and paid double for it and got the same amount,with some soggy fries and tasteless sauteed veggies...We did get the feta spread and it was good but they give you a mound of spread and 1,I repeat,1 pita bread cut into triangles...When you ask for more bread they charge you 2.00 a round...For bread...Our bill was over 100.00 and we had a 10% discount from taking one of the boat excursions...I thought it was overpriced for what we got...I shouldnt make a judgement on one visit but i doubt Id go back...Ill still go to my Louis Pappas in Lakeland when I want a good,should say GREAT salad...Im through trying to get a good Greek salad in Tarpon Springs...All of Tarpon Springs has a "carne" atmosphere and every person and vendor you pass is trying to shake you down for money and everything seems mediocre to bad and REALLY bad.....

    2. I'd try Mikonos, Hellas, and Costas, the last two already suggested by Mild Bill. The last time we were in Tarpon Springs, I had it at Mikonos, but the other two restaurants do an equally fine job with it.

      I read somewhere that the potato salad was the addition of a Tarpon Springs restaurateur, who happened to like potato salad. I believe it because I've never seen it in a Greek restaurant outside of Florida. It is delicious.