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Feb 28, 2013 01:50 PM

Brunch in Bergen County near Ridgewood

Anyone know of a place that serves a good Sunday brunch that could accommodate a small group of 10-12 people?

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  1. Do you want a carving station-type brunch or a regular menu?

    1. Would dim sum work? There's Dim Sum Dynasty in Ridgewood.

      1. I strongly suggest Park West Tavern
        Great place and very reasonable brunch

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        1. re: dknyc1

          Haven't gotten to the PWT brunch yet, but would like to soon.

          In the Ridgewood area it is a bit limited. I know MB&G, AB&G had brunches, as did the Mason Jar. I think the Sheraton Crossroads used to have a brunch but I am not sure if it's still going.

          A bit of a further drive, but what about the Pearl River Hilton? Woodcliff Lake Hilton?

          Anything else in downtown Ridgewood? What about Paramus? Hmmmmm...there's gotta be more than this around...

          1. re: ELA

            I would also love to know if there is something in the Hackensack / Paramus area (or even outside of that) that does a buffet / carving station type Sunday brunch besides Bistro 55 in Rochelle Park and Don Pommodoro in Hackensack.
            any advice .reviews appreciated.

            1. re: yogi70

              Cornerstone, in Hillsdale. However, if you can have a regular brunch without a carving station, '76 House in Tappan is about 100x better.

        2. I would not go to Dim Sum Dynasty for Dim Sum. A few years ago went for food, twice. Salty, overpriced, and limited selection.

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          1. re: geronimomoe

            Disagree! Unless it has changed in the two years since I've left Ridgewood ...

            1. re: lissa511

              Do you disagree on everything? Been eating dim sum ever since I was a little kid.. Had dim sum this past weekend at a place in Parsippany. A comparable dish at Dim Sum Dynasty was 66% more expensive. That's overpriced in my opinion. Both times I was there, it was salty. Sorry, those are my taste buds.

              As for limited selection for Dim Sum, I stand by my opinion. I'm comparing to the place in Parsippany and places in Queens/Brooklyn.

              1. re: geronimomoe

                Which place in Parsippany did you go to? Noodle Chu or Qin Dynasty?

                  1. re: geronimomoe

                    Did you like Noodle Chu? I haven't been there in a while. The last few times I got dim sum I went to Qin Dynasty.

                    1. re: Disneyfreak

                      Having been to both Noodle Chu and Qin....I choose Qin. The Dim Sum selection at NC is not as good from my prior visits and the DS is seasoned better at Qin. I'm not normally concerned with service, but the male waiters at NC are terrible....unless you like being ignored.

                      1. re: fourunder

                        Never been to Qin. If it's the restaurant that opened up 2-3 years ago, my parents have gone there and for whatever reason, prefer NC.

                        I don't think the service is bad at NC. Some of the waiters are friendlier than others, happens at most restaurants, if not all.

                        Case in point, I was at a River Palm Terrace, in Mahwah years ago. Two tables over, someone asked for butter. Waiter came over to ask us if we needed one of the butters (not the individually packed ones, the chunk of butter), we said no. He took the butter and gave it to the table that asked for butter.. Never went there again..

                        1. re: geronimomoe

                          i don"t understand this . Are you saying you were upset they offered the butter to the other table ? Are you saying the waiters confused the tables ? Is that why you never went again ? I have never been there and am trying to figure out if the butter is the reason you have not t been back, for other reasons that i should know if i decide to go there . Is it a bad restaurant for the money in your opinion because the waiters aren"t too helpful ? I am just not following the story properly . Sorry for my confusion .

                      2. re: Disneyfreak

                        Excluding the bathrooms, yes.

                        I've never been to Qin Dynasty. I assume it's the restaurant the opened up about 2-3 years ago.

            2. Where did you wind up going?