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Feb 28, 2013 12:27 PM

Help! Dinner for 35-40 in Downtown Denver

I'm trying to arrange a dinner for between 35-40 people in downtown Denver in July near the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel. We want to stay local -- no chains -- but need to keep the check around $35 including tax and tip (excluding alcohol). We prefer creative regional cuisine serving local ingredients, a casual atmosphere and have a good number of vegetarians we want to keep happy. We've done family style in the past in other parts of the country -- Tapas, Tex Mex, Burmese, etc. -- but can also do individual. so if you know of a restaurant that would work with a large group to customize dinner for a fixed price on a Tuesday night (not exactly peak time), any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. TIA.

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    Is my suggestion, had a dinner for 25 people there last year, including 4 vegans and 3 young kids and they did a great job. Was $30 PP, not including drinks.

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        1. I don't know that they would fit with that price, but Panzano can handle large groups and is excellent.

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            This was my thought too originally when I first read this, as I've been to events with that many, and more, at Panzano. But I agree that price point makes it difficult. Worth asking though.