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Feb 28, 2013 11:04 AM

The Rose Room (used to be FAB)

So the Rose Room is open in Mount Kisco.When driving by, especially at night, you see a white/blueish lit up bar and a huge chandelier in the back of the room. Looks like a very eclectic place a la NYC vibe. On their website the menu looks nice but expensive for me anyway.
Also I have read that they also own Eduardos and they just changed that also to a Piano Bar and Tapas place.

Has anyone been to the Rose Room yet? I feel it's another place where I probably will not feel like I belong....

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  1. They seem to fiddle with Eduardos from time to time (wasn't it E Bistro os something similarly silly recently?), which feels a bit desperate.

    It's problem is only that it's just mediocre.
    Not bad, just nothing worth going out of the way for.

    Not that this says much about Rose Room, other than that I hope it's a completely different culinary team.

    The fact that the description is "a mixture of Italian and American cooking", I take as a very bad sign.

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    1. re: weedy

      You say "It's just mediocre"

      Are you referring to the restaurant the OP is asking about? Or a different place?

      1. re: Elisa515

        I was saying Eduardo's is mediocre.
        I've not been to Rose Room.

    2. Their website says their other restaurant is Traditions 118 in Yorktown/Somers, I use to like that place a lot but I haven't been in a very long time.

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      1. re: GIOny

        For me, that is another reason to avoid the Rose Room. I dislike Traditions, but I'm not crazy about Eduardo's either so this place now has two things going against it for me. I did try to find the website but for some reason could not find it.

        1. re: wincountrygirl

          Its It's a restaurant/lounge.
          Eduardos is Thier dinner menu with the added Tapas seems to go on forever!

          1. re: paris1976

            that Rose Room URL comes up as domain not found.
            Where did you get it from?

              1. re: Marge

                Thanks. Wow, that place is sure purple!! I does look like the 118 folks. I had the worse meal there. It was a while ago and all I remember is coconut shrimp with a raspberry sauce. Can you say raspberry jam on a plate..........

      2. Agreed, Eduardo's is VERY mediocre... (yet it continues to live on, many years now)

        Would like to get an idea of the new Rose Room if anybody's been there. Looks a bit overpriced. And the lighting seems a bit dim.

        At these prices, I probably would favor Cafe of Love... had a couple of good meals there. Nice food and ambiance.

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