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Feb 28, 2013 10:41 AM

Jerusalem Artichoke / Sunchoke Recipes

Does anyone have suggestions for recipes based around Jerusalem Artichokes where they are the "star" so to speak?

i.e. along the lines of:

- Jerusalem Artichoke Risotto, (which is an old favourite)
- Jerusalem Artichoke Soup.

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  1. Cant eat them, sorry.

    Their side effects debilitate my partner and give me intolerable flatulence ....

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    1. re: C. Hamster

      My grandfather used to pickle them. Oh so good & crunchy. I would think the usual pickling recipe - sorry, I'm sure that's no help. But, you did bring back good memories of my grandpa. :)

    2. I dearly love Jerusalem artichokes, flatulence or not. Use Beano!! I've used them in a beef stew and it was wonderful. As to risotto, no idea. As to the soup, maybe follow a recipe for potato soup but cut the time back a bit and check for seasonings. In my area, they are not prevalent and on the rare occasion I can find them, they're expensive. Good luck!!

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      1. re: caiatransplant

        I'm very jealous, as I really love them but Beano would be like a pellet gun vs an army. I dont react that way with anything else. And for my partner it's like a colonoscopy prep.

        That said, my two favorite preps were a cream-based soup and roasted with celeriac and garlic.

      2. I like them roasted and on top of an arugula salad

        1. I had them recently as an appetizer at a restaurant. They were braised (in chunks) and set in a schmear of balsamic reduction sauce, these were artfully arranged on the plate with goat cheese, olives, fresh tomato and the plate was sprinkled all over with chopped mint. The chokes were the star and I think it was called the "sun choke salad".

          It was very nice and didn't cause any digestive upset. Probably because it was a small app to nibble on- not a big meal.