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Feb 28, 2013 10:18 AM

Pig's Ear, Chapter One, or Winding Stair in Dublin?

My husband and I will be in Dublin for a few days and will then travel to Cork. We would like to have one or two upscale Irish dinners. The rest of the time, we would like good but cheaper meals. Has anyone tried the chef's counter or tasting menu at the Pig's Ear or Chapter One? Are these tasting menus worth it? Or better to go a la carte?

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  1. The Winding Stair and The Pig's Ear serve modern food using Irish ingredients in an informal setting. The food is really good, but I find The Winding Stair pretty noisy when full. Chapter One is much more upscale both in terms of food and atmosphere.
    Chapter one could be your splurge, while either of the others could provide could eating without breaking the bank on your other nights.

    1. Lunch at Pig's Ear is a particular bargain. You might consider that, and for a splurge dinner Chapter One. I prefer a la carte. I also love Pearl Brasserie, which is less expensive than Chapter One but close in quality, with similar atmosphere and service.

      1. Thank you for the recommendations. We are staying at Number 31, which is supposedly famous for its wonderful and hearty breakfast. Therefore, we are leaning more towards light snacks in the afternoon (unless of course we sleep in). We're hoping for food that will be harder to experience in NY.

        1. Personally I find the food at chapter, although excellent, to be a bit boring. Just to give you another option have you looked at the greenhouse on Dawson street. My current favourite in Dublin. It's not going to be to everyone's taste as the menu is limited, but if you like the sound of the menu then you will not be disappointed. It wouldn't be cheap but you'ld pay a lot more for this class of food in NY.

          Another option you have not considered is fade street social. I haven't been myself so cannot vouch for the restaurant, maybe others can. It might fill the bill of something you can't get in NY as it's supposed to serve modern irish in the restaurant and irish tapas in the gastro pub - if such a thing exists. The chef has a very good reputation.

          The one time I had lunch at the pigs ear a year or so ago I was pleasantly surprised.

          1. Thanks for the recommendations about Greenhouse vs Chapter One. We are looking for some upscale Irish cuisine with local ingredients that would be hard to get in NY as well as the best of the best for more pub far. I haven't heard of Fade. I will check it out