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Feb 28, 2013 10:01 AM

What should we order at Borough?

We're going to Borough this weekend and are looking for recommendations on what to order. Please show your favorites (or your not-so-favorites).

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  1. the oysters with the lemon ice, tartare, scotch egg, scallop were all good. We had the foie for dessert and it was good. the squash pasta was salty, cod was decent but not awesome, same for the sturgeon. didn't try the other entrees, but was pretty happy with the other dishes.

    1. The octopus really stood out for us. They have a unique way of cooking it so the texture completely different from any other preparation.

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        I didn't care for it too much. sous vide makes it kind of gummy and it was salty.

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          Wow, that sounds like a completely different dish than we got! The texture on ours was more like a roasted chicken, which surprised us as we have only had textures that are more rubbery and chewy.

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          Completely agree. Octopus is hands down one of our favorite dishes there. I also really love the champagne soup. And the scallops are amazing.

          My best advice is to order lots of things and share.

        3. I went about a month ago and tried quite a few dishes. We particularly enjoyed the scotch egg, the fish and chips, the cauliflower and the pork belly. I think my very favorite was the cauliflower. It had a great mix of textures and flavors.

          I think the squash pasta and the Margarita dessert were the weakest points in the evening.

          1. Thanks to all for your suggestions. We went with a big group and got to try many of the items you recommended. Our favorites were the scallops, pork belly, cauliflower, octopus, pasta, and chocolate dessert.

            Another stand-out item was the sturgeon. Nobody below mentioned trying this, and I thought I'd mention how good it was in case anybody else reads this post and is looking for suggestions.

            In all, we did not have a bad dish. I look forward to returning.

            1. Very much looking forward to trying this.

              Anyone been to Parlour? If so, what are your thoughts?

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                We stopped at Parlour before dinner for a drink. I thought the drink I had was innovative and well balanced (involving evergreen infused tequila. I am eager to return and try other creations. The bartender was someone I have met previously at La Belle Vie and Eat Street Social which are other places I think have excellent cocktails so they certainly have drink-making talent at Parlour.