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Feb 28, 2013 08:57 AM

Inexpensive, casual dinner and drinks near the Bowery Ballroom

Looking for something that is literally less than a 5 min walk from. Coming from the UES (not that it really matters if the restaurant is North or South or East of West of the Bowery).
Italian or American is preferable as I am with a super picky eater..

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  1. Emporio on Mott has a nice happy hour with $4 wine and beer and free snacks at the bar from 5:00- 6:30.

    Rubirosa is also nearby for delicious pizza...although a bit pricier than a regular pie.

    One Mile House is right next door to Bowery Ballroom and has a great beer list and usual bar fare.

    Obviously I would suggest Congee Delancy for cheap food and drink very close but it doesn't sound like you enjoy Chinese food.

    1. L'asso, perhaps? Bread?

      1. Rubirosa was my first though. Can't get a reservation and don't want to go just to be turned away.
        I enjoy Chinese, but my guest probably won't :(

        1. Parm? Lombardi's? Bowery Diner?

          Did you call Rubirosa? They hold most of their tables for phone reservations so you may be able to get a table if it's not a Friday or Saturday.

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            Yes I called Rubirosa and Parm is another unreliable one.