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Feb 28, 2013 08:40 AM


We will be making our annual trip trip to New Orleans the end of March. When I booked the trip I didn't realize it was Easter weekend. This may be a little early to ask, but do you know of any restaurants that will be open Easter Sunday? French Quarter-CBD area? I know where I want to eat the rest of the days of our stay but Easter is a bit of a quandary.

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  1. While it is neither in the French Quarter or CBD, I have been to Delmonico in the past for Easter brunch. It was lovely. You could hop the streetcar to go uptown.

    1. Its a big Wear-Your-White-Linen-Suit (or equivalent for ladies, e.g.hat) day..I can't remember any of the normally open places being closed.

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        That sounds like fun! Wish my husband had a white suit! I'll find a hat when I get there!

      2. I doubt many of the restaurants that are ordinarily open on Sundays will be closed on Easter. You can always go to OpenTable, put in the date and time, and see which places it shows as having availability, for starters.

        1. We have tentative res at Arnaud's in between the parades (Chris Owens & the Gay Pride later in the afternoon). Last time we were there for Easter we went to a brunch at RedFish Grill so we could be in the FQ for all the Easter parade activity.