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Feb 28, 2013 08:33 AM

Best modern dim sum in HK - better than Singapore?

Seeking the help of the HK food experts - will be heading down to HK some time next month & hoping to find 'blow-your-socks-off' dim sum that's better than anything we can find in Singapore (where we stay). So far, our experiences with dim sum in HK have been mixed, and overall it seems pricier than Sgp for similar quality?

I read the last thread on 'best dim sum in HK' ( but am hoping specifically to find (1) modern dim sum that is unique to HK or (2) available in Sgp but much better in HK. I'm sure it's out there, we just haven't been able to find it yet!

Just to make things even more challenging ;) we don't eat shrimp or lobster (which eliminates one whole section of the dim sum menu!).

Specific dim sum that we like include
- abalone yam puff at Man Wah
- char siu pao at Cherry Garden (sg
)- lau sar pao at Taste Paradise (sg) & East Ocean (sg)
- mango chicken pie at Hua Ting (sg)
- abalone chicke pie at Wah Lok (sg)
- char siu sou at Imperial Treasures (sg)
- xiao long bao at Crystal Jade (sg)
- XO carrot cake at Taste Paradise (sg)
- egg tarts at Crystal Jade Palace

Looking at openrice, Above & Beyond, Lung King Heen & Yan Toh Heen seem interesting but reviews are mixed. Are these good choices?

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  1. That's a really tricky question as I eat lots of DS in HK but tend not to bother much in Singapore as I head for the local Sing specialities.

    My rule of thumb in HK is that you really get what you pay for. There is good basic DS at low prices, it's filling and tasty but not earth shattering. The mid market has good strong traditional food with a little innovation, place like FuSing and Lei Gardens. But it's the top end in 2 and 3 star Michelin starred places in the hotels where things get interesting (and expensive). I enjoy all the levels depending in mood but I never expect really great things from any but the top draw places.

    Not knowing Singapore quality I thought it interesting you rate Crystal Jade, here in HK I put it in the cheap and tasty fast food category. I eat there a lot but never expect anything earth shattering or innovative. If that is in Sings top league then you may pay more in HK but you will get a lot more.

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      Crystal Jade's HK outlets are equivalent to the chain's budget outlets in the suburbs back in Singapore. I think the group chose not to introduce their luxury range to HK. That said, I'd found the equivalent of Crystal Jade Palace (their luxury brand) in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Seoul and Ho Chi Minh City.

      Same situation in KL as for HK - the Crystal Jade outlets in KL are all casual eats. Maybe Crystal Jade didn't want to compete head-on with their top-end competitors when it comes to mainly Cantonese-Chinese cities like HK and KL, but just want to get a small piece of the mass market?

      When Crystal Jade's first outlets opened in HK a few years back (in Harbour City TST, Time Square and Hung Hom), I was surprised to see that they only offered the same menu as the Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao range in Singapore.

      RipCurl, I really liked 'lau sar pau' at Tim Ho Wan, 'cha siu sou' at Fu Sing, innovative dim sum at Lung King Heen, and thought standards of dim sum at top-range places in HK are as good as those you'd find in Singapore, although HKers have a much saltier taste preference than Singaporeans, and lesser tolerance of spicy options like XO fried carrot cake, or chilli-infused steamed chicken feet. I'd been bringing my own jars of chilli paste and dips to HK for as long as I can remember.

      1. re: klyeoh

        Thanks! Lung King Heen looks like a good choice then. Fu Sing hairy crab roe XLB looks interesting but we might skip that as it's not hairy crab season. Is there anything you *wouldn't* recommend at Lung King Heen?

        PhilD, yep as klyeoh suggests, the pricing in Crystal Jade's luxury restaurants here in Sgp are in the same range as what we paid at Man Wah. How about if you were to benchmark against Man Wah, are there any other places that you rate higher than MW?

        I find the Michelin rating really hit and miss, on our last trip we also tried 2* Tin Lung Heen at the Ritz Carlton but it was eminently forgettable (except for the price tag). Hotel is nice though.