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Feb 28, 2013 07:08 AM

Recommendations for a great place for lunch, Downtown Toronto, St. Michael's Hospital area

Just wondering if anyone can recommend a fairly reasonable place for lunch in downtown TO in the vinicinity of St. Michael's Hospital? Can be any type of cuisine (I have a culinary background so have a palate that is open to and pretty much likes everything). Does not have to be "fancy" place, just have great home cooked food (no franchises or chains). I live an hour north of Toronto in the country (am a farmer) and I just don't get downtown very often and would really appreciate any recommendations. Thanks so much!

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  1. I love going to Starfish....

    1. There are lots of great options. If it was a day like today, I'd probsbly go for a cozy bowl of ramen from Santouka or some delicious Thai from Sabai Sabai.

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        Both great suggestions... and, both suggestions I was going to make!

        I went to Santouka when I had to bring a relative to the hospital and didn't have a very long break. I don' t know how busy it is during the "normal" lunch time but I went around 2pm and was pretty empty. It might be a bit busier at noon but it is just down the street from Sabai Sabai so you could use one or the other as a backup. Sabai Sabai had some good lunch specials when I went there for lunch one time.

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          I was there as a single last Friday right at noon and I only waited about 10 mins but I did notice that some of the 2 tops waited about 20 mins.

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          Santouka is great, especially when you opt for less salt and hard noodle..!

        3. Queen & Beaver on Elm west of Queen

          1. La Bettola di Terroni at 106 Victoria Street


            1. Oddly, one of the better places you can lunch is right in St Michael's. If you're looking for simple, fresh made food the Marketeria on the 6th floor is decent and inexpensive. There's usually a carving station for hot, fresh sandwiches. The specials at the hot food station a little deeper in offers plenty of comfort choices. There's lots of comfortable banquette seating. No need to risk being splashed by a passing car while walking around Queen & Victoria.