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Feb 28, 2013 06:58 AM

Boar is the new (Black) Camel!

Toronto's sandwich scene is about to get another yummy boost. The folks at the Black Camel are opening a new spot called Boar. It will feature a whole new selection of sandwiches - hot Italian veal, meatball, grilled chicken, roasted portobello, Italian sausage - and a variety of mix 'n match sauces and toppings like aioli, provolone cheese, peppers, bocconcini, etc. Like the Camel, they've found a new little boite off of Yonge Street, this time on Glebe (a few blocks north of Davisville). No coffee or breakfast sandwiches at Boar. They're planning to open in the next couple of weeks.

In all the years I've been going to Camel, I've never had anything less than a stellar sandwich.Their commitment to high quality ingredients and consistency is amazing. I'm sure that Boar will deliver the goods - I'm psyched!

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  1. Thanks for this, I still have yet to go to Black Camel but on my "list" if I am ever directly in that area...

    1. Oh man. SO PSYCHED!

      Thanks for the scoop!

      1. Close to work for me.


        1. That's awesome!! Black Camel is one of my favourite places to get a sandwich. I'm sure Boar will be just as good :) Really excited!! And what a great location!!

          1. Peppermint Pate, how did you learn of this exciting news?

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            1. re: kwass

              Heard about it at the Camel on a recent visit. Exciting indeed!