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Boar is the new (Black) Camel!

Toronto's sandwich scene is about to get another yummy boost. The folks at the Black Camel are opening a new spot called Boar. It will feature a whole new selection of sandwiches - hot Italian veal, meatball, grilled chicken, roasted portobello, Italian sausage - and a variety of mix 'n match sauces and toppings like aioli, provolone cheese, peppers, bocconcini, etc. Like the Camel, they've found a new little boite off of Yonge Street, this time on Glebe (a few blocks north of Davisville). No coffee or breakfast sandwiches at Boar. They're planning to open in the next couple of weeks.

In all the years I've been going to Camel, I've never had anything less than a stellar sandwich.Their commitment to high quality ingredients and consistency is amazing. I'm sure that Boar will deliver the goods - I'm psyched!

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  1. Thanks for this, I still have yet to go to Black Camel but on my "list" if I am ever directly in that area...

    1. Oh man. SO PSYCHED!

      Thanks for the scoop!

      1. Close to work for me.


        1. That's awesome!! Black Camel is one of my favourite places to get a sandwich. I'm sure Boar will be just as good :) Really excited!! And what a great location!!

          1. Peppermint Pate, how did you learn of this exciting news?

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              Heard about it at the Camel on a recent visit. Exciting indeed!

            2. Just read that they could be open as early as next week.


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                Hope you ate a light breakfast guys - they're opening in a little under 2 hours...:)

                A few additional menu details - veggie sandwich is roast portobello + roasted peppers + arugula, the meat mains are sweet Italian sausage, roasted/grilled chicken, Italian veal and meatball.

                Sauce options - tomato, puttanesca, arugula pesto mayo, roasted garlic aioli, dijon mayo and maybe another...?

                Toppings - caramelized onions, hot peppers, bocconcini, sauteed mushrooms, provolone cheese, arugula, roasted peppers

                I'm dizzy already with the mix 'n match options. I have a feeling we'll be starting the "favourite Boar sammie combo" shortly...see ya there.

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                  If you go maybe ask them why it's called Boar?

                  While the menu sounds great I'm kinda curious how there's a pork or boar focus.....

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                    Of course, that was my first question! And the answer was...Boar has about as much to do with the menu at this new spot as Camel has to do with the menu at the original shop. Nada.

                    1. re: peppermint pate

                      No Camel at Black Camel???!
                      But they do serve boar there!

                      1. re: estufarian

                        Is Boar served at any of the two? I don't recall boar being served at BC...

                        1. re: magic

                          Was there just tonight. No boar, but pulled pork is the closest thing to it!

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                        Was planning on going to BC on Monday. Think I'm going to have to go to Boar instead :)

                    2. Just got back from a quick lunch at Boar.Had the veal w/tomato sauce and provolone.
                      Solid sandwich,nice crunch floury Eye-talian bun,a bit under seasoned for my taste but good(next time I'll have it with the hot peppers) $10.35 all in no drink or sides.A few extra toppings could push this up to $15.00.

                      Asked about their affiliation with BC but buddy was a bit cryptic with his answer.Whateves..
                      Nice addition to the neighborhood,I'll go back since I live just up the street.

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                        Same here. Had the chicken, with lemon garlic ailoi and cremini mushrooms. I would agree, solid sandwich. Mine was very tasty - appropriate seasoning and lovely grilled flavour with a very good sauce. But yep, over $10 without a drink or sides made things rather difficult to swallow. Yeah, I'll be back, but probably just to try the other sandwiches, and not very frequently. Instagrammed below - ironically of course ;-)

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                          I tried the chicken with argula pesto and cremini mushrooms today. Thought the flavours were lovely, but I was not impressed by the two small pieces of chicken that barely covered the bun. It certainly did not look like the one that milhuas3 had. It was flat and practically all bun. It could have been that it was because they were low on chicken as I dropped in around 2:30 pm, well after the lunch rush. However, if I am going to pay over $10 for a sandwich, I will expect more than what I got. They could have told me they didn't have enough for a regular sized sandwich and I would have selected something else.

                          PP was right - the noce de leche were addictive. They were made by Eli's neighbour who apparently makes good pastries.

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                            My father went yesterday and said the veal was beyond awful.

                            Dry and terrible, he said.

                            I still wish to go and try for myself.

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                          How did the veal sandwich stack up against the gold standard Calfornia on Clarmont?

                          Thanks in advance


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                            I haven't been to the original California in years so it's best I don't compare the two side by side.Check out Boar for yourself,it's totally worth it.
                            There's also a newish butcher shop just up the street from Boar that sells veal sammies,might give it a shot just to compare...;)

                        3. Tried the veal sandwich today. As far as veal sandwiches go it's solid. They have a good bun and the veal had a nice crust, not greasy.

                          Here's a pic: https://twitter.com/mark_macdonald/st...

                          1. Been there twice now - really liked both times. Loved the sweet Italian sausage with roasted garlic aioli, caramelized onions and hot peppers - VERY tasty. The sausage was great, with fennel accents, and the hot peppers balanced the sweetness of the onions well. Also tried the roasted/grilled chicken (dark meat -incredibly moist and flavourful, not "just" chicken) with arugula pesto, buffula mozzarella and roasted peppers - so much better than the sum of its parts - seriously amazing. They also have these little sweets for dessert - a walnut shaped crunchy-ish cookie filled with dulce de leche. Super sweet (usually not my thing) but OMG ridiculously addictive. Still love the Camel but no complaints about having twice as many sandwiches to choose from now, plus no line-ups (so far). Love the space too.

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                                Looking forward to trying it out. Thanks for the detailed description of your sandwiches, peppermint pate!

                              2. Now that Boar has been open a few months, has anyone found a favourite sandwich they'd recommend? Realize a few have been mentioned in the thread already- guess I'd be interested in the combinations people have ordered at least twice.

                                Also, has anyone tried their chickpea salad as a side?