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Feb 28, 2013 06:41 AM

question about dining at Le Comptoir du Relais

I have dinner reservations for for 2 nights (a Monday and a Wednesday during the same week) meeting two different sets of friends on an upcoming visit in April. My question: does the weeknight menu change every night, or will I likely be getting the the same meal on both nights?

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  1. That is a tricky question to answer as I suspect few have achieved a double in one week. I was a regular a number of years ago so things may have changed, but back then, I would say it would have been likely to very similar. Even eating weeks apart the menus wouldn't change that much.

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      I'd be prepared to order different stuff from the same list.

      1. re: John Talbott

        John it's (or was) a set five course menu on weekday evenings. On the weekends and lunch they have the menu you order from.

    2. l am going the end of March with other hounds who are going twice in a week. If this is before your visit, l will give you the latest skinny.

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      1. I have seen the menu over the course of a week. It seems that the basic structure stays the same but the preparation changes. So if the plat is lamb then maybe with rosemary one night and with mint the next. The first courses can be items off the daytime menu but are more likely to change totally than the plat.

        1. I am curious how you got in two nights in one week? Are you staying at the hotel? are you a regular? I did get in for dinner several times when I stayed at the hotel, but I never tried for two times in one week.

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