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Feb 28, 2013 06:29 AM

What is the most UNUSUAL method of cooking you have ever seen or heard of?

I just looking for some new and fun ideas. It can be meat, veg etc. What made you go wow?

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  1. I've never done it but I've heard of cooking in compost heaps. I had one going one time that was 5' diameter and 5' tall, plenty of horse manure in it. I had a buggy axle stuck through it to use as a thermometer and you couldn't hold the end sticking out of the pile.

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      Mens university volley ball team on the road. Staying in motels rooms with hot water radiators in the rooms. Buy a few packs of veal cutlets. Leave them in the foam trays with the 'peach paper' unwrapped. Place on hot radiator for at least a few minutes. Remove wrapper. Save mess by eating them raw from the foam trays 'Dinner is served'.

    2. A raw chicken wrapped in foil and put in the corner of an asphalt spreader at 5 in the morning was nicely cooked by lunch time.

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        This has to be the winning answer!

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          I've seen workers warm up their sandwiches in asphalt spreaders, but not cooking chicken!!!


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            In the old days when I had a big CRT monitor I would toss my sandwich or pasta salad on it to bring to room temperature after getting it out of the fridge for lunch. Not exactly cooking a chicken!

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            Yeah. Along with your feet. I learned pretty quickly not to wear steel-toed shoes. Worst job I ever had.

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              We had to. OSHA requirement. Tough summers.

          3. I was always fascinated with the idea of cooking on your engine while driving.

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              It's an old snowmobiler trick!! Hot soup cooked in the can on the exhaust manifold.

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                Yup, we did that this winter, only we did sausages. SO's dad has containers specifically made to clip onto the manifold.

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                I have done fish on a car engine and hot dogs and buns on my riding mower.

              3. Steaming fish in your dishwasher?

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                  Ya, I was going for dishwasher salmon.

                2. Just recently I watched a Ming Tsai TV program where where a complete dinner - meat and vegetables - were cooked in a lidded, fabric wrapped, and tied pot in a deep hole dug into a side of a volcano. The steam cooked the food. This was somewhere in the Azores. From the reaction of Chef Tsai I'd say the meal was delicious.


                  ETA: Ming's approximation of the recipe:

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                    Lol. If you don't have a handy volcano, just use a slow cooker. This makes me happy. :)

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                      I've eaten this!! It was completely delicious, although they put a LOT of cabbage in with the rest so by the time it had been stewing for about four hours, the whole dish smelled intensely of feet...

                      1. re: Elster

                        Well... That certainly would have put me off even though you said it was delicious... LOL