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Feb 28, 2013 05:59 AM

Are there CH-like diet sites that people recommend?

I have a long distance friend who is dieting, and from what she tells me there is definitely a lot of calorie restriction going on. I've accepted that as long as she's seeing a doctor regularly, that it's absolutely no business of mine regarding whether it's healthy or not. However, it's also not a series of conversations I want to have with her.

We're only in touch with one another via the internet, so it's easy for me to avoid conversations that veer into her diet. However, it's also clear that the way she's talking about her diet has been rubbing her friends the wrong way and causing other friction in her life.

I think that she might benefit from some kind of community where she can really talk about her diet/food issues/etc with other like minded people. Are there any diet boards that people have found helpful for this kind of discussion? Is the Special Diets board here good for that? She's not going to join any kind of group that costs money, so those are out - but any other suggestions would be great.

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  1. I think it depends on what kind of diet or lifestyle she is adopting. is more chatty about weight loss. All kinds of low carb diets. is chatty about health and fitness, not so much weight loss, for the primal diet folks. caters to paleo dieters and has quite a bit there for losing weight.

    Weight watchers has their own place to chat. I have a friend that signed up and does the whole program online now. I think they are more calorie focused.

    1. Sedimental is right - it would help to know if she has adopted a specific branded regimen/plan. There are support & chat sites out there for pretty much every "diet" and food lifestyle you can imagine, and if she's actually following the guidelines of the Calorie Restriction Society (yes, there is such a thing), there are dedicated sites for that too.

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        Thanks a lot - I'm trying to avoid getting into too much of a discussion with her about her exact diet - but it's good to have some suggestions. The Calorie Restriction Society would probably be a good place for me to start with her.

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          You'll probably find a lot of that on Life Extension related sites.

      2. I'm a member on I use it for food tracking, but I also utilize their message boards, and use their recommendations for calorie ranges to eat in. Another nice feature they have is "teams"... basically subgroups you can join that are focused on more specific topics, like low carb, paleo, or even groups based around hobbies. I really like it, although there's some wackos on there, just like most sites (CH seems to have the least amount). But, overall it's a great community with lots of support.

        I will say though, if your friend is doing severe calorie restricting, like, eating 700 calories a day or something like that, there wont' be a lot of support on sparkpeople for that. They advocate a 1200 calorie a day absolute minimum, and often suggest more than that.

        1. This is an old thread, but if you (or any others) are still interested, I'd recommend