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Feb 28, 2013 05:56 AM

China Palace in Durham

Anyone go here on a fairly regular basis? Still good? I went once awhile back and it was the first place I had bitter melon, but don't recall the menu I got in the restaurant resembling the 4 menus or so they post online... can anyone comment on that?

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  1. I go around once a week. The Special menu certainly has several bitter melon offerings. They have two paper menus, the regular and Special: several items on the Special are only available at lunch Saturday and Sunday. And yes, quality remains excellent. Personally, I'm fond of the spicy dried bean curd with shredded pork, and the noodles with Szechuan meat sauce, both from the Special menu available all the time.

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      What do you know of the other menu that show up online under the following:

      Chef Speical
      Palace Magic
      Seafood Special
      Rice Noodle

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        The first, the Chef Special, is a section of the regular menu -- it's like every other American Chinese restaurant's Chef's Specials, which are not particularly special, just more expensive.

        The other three are all sections of their "Special Chinese Menu". For my money, that's where the good stuff is.

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          Agreed. I noticed that after I started seeing things like Dragon and Phoenix.

    2. Just got back from lunch today and really enjoyed it. We eat there every once and a while, normally ordering off the Chinese, or "special", menu. Palace Magic, Seafood Special, and Rice Noodle seem to be all parts of the Chinese menu (it is bright orange). We have had the shredded pork with green beans, string beans with ground pork, beef with chili pepper and others and enjoyed them all. The Szechuan eggplant is also worth trying.

      Today husband felt like something off the regular menu. I am normally a regular menu snob, but his Chicken With Hot Bean Sauce was really very good. He asked for extra spicy and it had some burn but not overwhelming. I kept stealing pieces off his plate. The sauce was red and oily like you get with some Szechuan dishes. A repeat for sure.

      The restaurant used to have a Sat-Sun special menu which they are not doing anymore except for scallion pancakes and the dish I had, udon noodles. I had to ask for the noodles. Too bad they don't do that particular menu any more--it had some good stuff on it.

      I call the noodles Chinese comfort food, thick round noodles with bits of pork and Chinese cabbage. Bland but in a good way like mac and cheese.

      Anyway, this place is on our regular rotation of places to have lunch.