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Looking for some suggestions for the best sliders in town?

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  1. I quite like the cheeseburger sliders that Atwood's Tavern has on its lunch menu. They're basically a mini version of the tavern's larger burger (which uses grass fed beef). At $2.50 each, they're not super cheap, but you don't need more than 1 or 2 to satisfy.

    1. 21st Amendment on Beacon Hill has fabulous sliders.

      1. I kinda wish someone would do sliders like White Castle, only with better quality ingredients (and not necessarily steamed). Little, insubstantial things, small and thin enough that you could conceivably eat a dozen in a sitting. Most sliders in Boston restaurants are just barely scaled-down burgers. If you can eat two or three, that's a lot.

        That said, the last time I got sliders and thought, "Hmm, not bad" was at Bleacher Bar. They were definitely superior to, and a better value than, their regular burger.

        If memory serves, an early adopter in the revival of this now-ubiquitous dish was 28 Degrees. Smallish, made with quality beef, but served on very substantial Iggy's rolls. Haven't had anything but drinks there in a dog's age, though.

        Toro does "mini-burgers" on its dinner menu. I've never gotten these for a few reasons: 1) their lunch burger is one of my favorites in town, and I can't imagine a modern slider holding a candle to it; 2) while now listed as "grass-fed beef", for years it was "Kobe", and I'm generally offended by the inevitable weak American or Australian hybrid this most often indicates, which has none of the virtues of the real Japanese deal; and 3) if it were remotely Kobe-like, grinding it up into hamburger would be really stupid. All that said, I bet those are worthwhile. Can't remember the last time I got a weak dish there.


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          i had mini kobe burgers at Nobu in NYC; they were great. best burgers i ever tried including the very good one at Craigie

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            sam's on the waterfront does great "flat-patty burgers". bigger than sliders, but thin.

            as much as we put less-than-love on the steakhouse chains, both morton's and smith & wollensky do great sliders with prime beef.

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              Agreed on the WC style. IMO it's not really a slider if it's not somewhat greasy and somewhat "wet" for lack of a better word. Granted the latter part disagrees w/ your "not necessarily steamed" portion.

              I abhor the fairly dry mini-burgers that are often sold as sliders - They're generally just crappier, smaller versions of a normal burger.

            2. I quite like the pulled pork sliders at Meadhall. They're far superior to the larger version of the sandwich that they serve at lunch.

              1. I will get crap for this immediately - but I think Pour House has some fun sliders on the cheap.

                When I think Slider, I think pub fare with some beer flowing.

                1. Kingston Station has great sliders.

                  1. Sliders sound good in theory, but are rarely pulled off well in restaurants. I find most iterations dry and meh. Many places try to fancy them up or do a trio of different proteins, before just getting the basics down. Too bad there isn't a down and dirty White Castle around here.

                    We have made the Serious Eats / J. Kenji version at home with great success. At the end of the day I'd prefer a regular burger I think though.

                    1. They were one of the (very few) best things about the Vault but it seems to be turning into something else now.

                      Not a big surprise, but the ones at Smith & Wollensky on the waterfront were DELICIOUS (and expensive as everything there tends to be - don't recall the exact price) - I will order them again.

                      1. One of my favorite foods in the city is the lamb bocadillo at Tres Gatos in JP. It's slightly larger than a slider with transcendent chimichurri. It's quite a treat...

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                          That is an awesome dish to include in a slider roundup! Love most everything at that place.


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                            Thanks! I have dreams about them. Great spot.

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                            This reminded me. The burger sliders with pickled red onions at Toro are pretty good as well.

                          3. Someone has to mention the oyster sliders at Island Creek, right? Okay, I will...and I'm not even a big fan of oysters, but they were yummy.