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Feb 28, 2013 12:08 AM

Kitchen timer that reminds? recommendations?

Is there a fairly loud kitchen timer that goes off and then waits about 10 minutes and then goes off again?

My stove's timer does that but I cant find a timer that does the same thing and I am wearing out the buttons on my stove

have done searches on google and at amazon but no luck

anyone have a suggestion?

I would so appreciate it :)

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  1. How about an alarm clock with a snooze button? I think many these days let you program the length of the snooze period you'd like.

    1. Do you have a cell phone with a timer function? It may include that feature. (I only realized that my phone could serve as a kitchen timer when cooking in my mother's kitchen. I cannot cook without one and could not figure out how to set the timer on her stove, so thought of my cell phone as a substitute).

      1. I use my cell phone. You can set multiple alarm settings at whatever intervals you want. My problem with stationary timers is that I tend to wander off. And NWIH am I wearing one around my neck.

        1. I have this timer that can program up to 4 times at once... so while it wouldn't automatically do a reminder, you could just set two of the timers 10 minutes apart.

          1. I have the Thermoworks Extra Big Digital Timer from the same folks that sell the Thermopen thermometer. Except for the snooze/reminder type alarm, I think it's the perfect kitchen timer. It has a full calculator type keyboard, but the entire surface is sealed so stuff won't get in the buttons. It times up to 99 hours. It has a loud alarm with a volume control with 4 settings. It is industrial quality with a strong magnet that holds it securely to the fridge. Best of all, it was only $ 19.