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Apr 20, 2006 11:55 PM

Linkery, San Diego

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This is a place that just keeps getting better and better. I liked it the first time I went, when they first opened, but the last few times I have been there it's just blown me away how far they have come as a restaurant.

They have just started serving cask-conditioned ale, though not regularly, so we went tonight to sample the cask-conditioned Stone Smoked Porter. Not only was the beer great, but it was nice to have the opportunity to have some cask-conditioned ale at someplace other than a bar.

We had a few different food items that were really good.

1 - Picnic Plate. This is two sausages, rustic wheat bread, two different cheeses, spicy mustard, tomatillo salsa, and red-wine marinated onions. Everything on this plate was awesome. We had it with a South African lamb-beef-pork sausage, and a Spanish-style pork sausage with golden raisins in it. The red-wine onions were totally amazing.

2 - Sausage Tacos. These were great - corn tortillas folded around grilled spicy (very spicy) chicken sausage, with shredded cabbage and salsa. Not the typical sausage presentation, but totally delicious. We will be getting these again.

3 - Braised pork belly. This was a special for the evening. The belly was braised, then grilled over open flame, and dressed with a spicy and peppery barbecue sauce. Accompanying were greens and avocado slices. Very decadent and rich, these were well worth the price.

Just had to rant a bit - it was such good stuff. Everyone should eat there, often!


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  1. A week ago I, too, would have questioned the review submitted by JS. Last Tuesday I reluctantly returned to the Linkery. On former visits I was consistently disappointed--everything I ordered was great EXCEPT the sausage! We were given a gift certificate to the Linkery and decided to giv we it one last try.
    I'm glad we did because everything we had was delicious--but we avoided the sausages, although they sounded interesting. Instead we tried the special Mahi Mahi in garlic sauce, the humus and artichoke dip and the flat iron steak. I'm impressed enough to try the sausage once more

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    1. re: Ms. Verde

      I've had some mediocre sausages there in the past (last year). However the sausage has been consistently good on my last few visits, when I've ordered it. I normally don't get their sausage stuff - I like the coulotte steak, and another time I had this pork chop with vanilla applesauce that was really delicious.

      Another thing I've had there that I really enjoy are the char-grilled vegetable appetizers. They don't read that excitingly, but the flavor is great.

      1. re: JS

        Apropos the grilled vegetables: As an erstwhile fishetarian now enroute to vegan, I have added the Linkery to my "regular" routine. They have a large selection of veggie items, most of which can be made vegan. The veggies are tasty; the portions are old school (neither disgustingly large like Hash House nor leave-you-hungry small like Cafe Chloe); and the prices are reasonable for the quality and quantity.

        The service is not ideal. But that's just a fact of life in San Diego. The servers are always sweet and well-intentioned, if sometimes less than efficient.

        1. re: notjustastomach

          I went to the Linkery recently and was very pleased. We had green beans for an appetizer and they were the highlight of the meal.

    2. If you're a fan of the Linkery, check out Jay's (the owner's) blog at He's always posting news about the restaurant and the menu and upcoming events.

      I like the Linkery, and I've written about them on my blog. They have an interesting menu, nice neighborhood feel, the prices are reasonable, and they are conscientious about the way they do business. I wish it was in my neighborhood (or maybe I wish I was in their neighborhood) Anyway - it's a great little place!

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      1. re: Alice Q

        Just had to revive this thread because I finally had the chance to dine there this evening. Monday is supposed to be one of their least busy nights, but, by the time we left, the place was doing a brisk business. We chose the cheese plate as an appetizer: crusty bread with four very different types of cheese (one was a bleu, one a hard cheddary-type, one similar to a brie, and the other escapes me), a persimmon preserve, dried apples, and caramelized walnuts. My companion had the hot link sandwich - YUM! Served with a malt vinegar potato salad (very colourful - made with purple potatoes) and homemade pickles. I had the gastronomic delight of a burger they serve - yup, it really does come with a fried egg on top, and is out of this world. HUGE, but we polished off just about the whole burger. This was served with yam crisps, pickled beets, and homemade pickles. We completed all this by sharing the Oaxacan chocolate ice cream, which was garnished with fresh strawberries, and coffee (made with individual French press pots, which I loved). What was most impressive was the attentive service given to us by very educated and efficient servers. Thanks to Jay & company for a wonderful, wonderful dining experience. I can't wait to go back!

        1. re: phee

          Next time try the pork belly appetizer.

          1. re: honkman

            I agree wholeheartedly. We were there Friday night and the pork belly was one of our appetizers. Terrific.