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Feb 27, 2013 11:08 PM

Looking for coffee around the Drake Hotel

I'm an SF Hound coming to Chicago for a conference at the Drake. And I'm wondering if you can recommend a cafe for an espresso drink within a mile of the hotel.

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  1. Lavazza has a couple of place in that area. Just a little over a mile south is Intelligentsia; it's worth the trek.

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      If you decide to go to Intelligentsia - the nearest location, to which camusman refers, is on Randolph - you can get great croissants and other French pastries around the corner at Toni Patisserie.

        1. re: nsxtasy

          I really enjoyed the croissants at Toni Patisserie, and Intelligentsia was a great spot.

          ps- the mini croissants served at the Drake Hotel breakfast buffet were excellent.

      1. Hendrixx Belgian Bread Crafter is very close to you and has excellent coffee as well as other things. Ask for the pour over coffee, not the french roast.

        It's right on walton just across Michigan Ave on the lower level of a condo building. look for a bright orange door and prepare to be delighted. :-)

        try the croissant. excellent. enjoy your visit!

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          I'm always happy to hunt for a great croissant. Thanks for the tip.

          but I'm curious: why the pour over vs french roast?

        2. These three discussions are relevant. (Note that Water Tower Place, the subject of the first link, is only a few blocks from the Drake.)

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          1. This is great. Thanks for the suggestions.

            1. LaVazza is on the ground floor of the don't have to go outside even.

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                found it! and always a long line of fellow conferencers! someone would do well to set up a coffee stand on the street to handle the overflow of coffee addicts...