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Feb 27, 2013 09:24 PM

Salt cod?

Do any stores in town carry it?

Came across this article earlier and now I'd like to mess around with it:

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  1. Yep - seen it at CM [central market]. In the Westgate store, it is at the end of the seafood in the same cold case where there's fresh sushi.

    I've seen Jaques Pepin do this recipe: - It is his first recipe shown here very quickly...

    And had a wonderful 'bacalao' dish made with salt cod, leaks and fresh pasta in Tuscany... it was just the thing for a cold winter evening.

    1. Salt cod, yeah that's right up there with lutefisk. Yum (not)

      1. Phoenicia has it too. Used to be the only place that carried it. I've seen it at some of the regular HEB's, too.

        1. Haha... I think it's a lot more tolerable than Lutefisk!

          Thanks for the replies– I'll go (dried) fishin'.

          1. Fiesta carries a wide variety of salt cod and other salt preserved fish. In the South store (Stassney) they cover a whole table in front of the meat/fish counter.

            Most HEB's carry the wooden crated version, usually next to the oysters, pre-packaged fresh fish, and jars of herring. Some of them are not cod, but lesser fish such as whiting and pollack. Read the label carefully.