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Feb 27, 2013 07:31 PM

Noodles near City Center/Carnegie

It appears that both Menchanko Tei and Menkui Tei have closed their restaurants in the West 50s. They were perfect inexpensive go-to spots before shows at City Center or concerts at Carnegie. Any recommendations in this immediate area for noodle places or Asian places that serve ramen or noodle soup?

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  1. You can still get most of the Ramen items from the Mechanko Tei menu at the Katsuhama location that is upstairs from the closed location on 55th.

    1. Totto Ramen, one of the best in the city, is on 52nd and 9th.

      1. Ma Peche, but not dinner, only for lunch. Good for a matinee?

        1. Tang Pavilion and Joe's Shanghai offer noodle soup dishes though I haven't tried them.

          1. I saw Menkui Tei open a couple days ago in a space a few doors down from the original.

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