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Feb 27, 2013 07:02 PM

Duck ideas needed

First, the caveat. The husband is a Sri Lankan, and as such, requires food that is spicy and/or very flavourful. And while I cook a lot of curries and other Asian foods, I am not experienced with duck. And the duck that I have access to is whole duck, so I need to be able to deal with the entire duck one way or another, but breaking the duck down into pieces is no big deal for me.

I've already checked out a few other threads about duck here but haven't found a lot.

So. Ideas? Recipes? Suggestions?

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  1. My favorite way to eat duck is an upscale version of nachos. Blue corn tortilla chips, roasted duck breast, manchego cheese, sriracha sour cream, guacamole, and scallions. If you like sweet and heat, I've also had duck confit quesadillas with mango habanero salsa that were pretty tasty.

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      Mmm.... Nachos... That sounds like a great idea. :)

    2. Nachos or quesadillas are a great suggestion.

      Duck works well in Thai red curries:

      Or you can use the entire duck in this recipe from Mark Bittman (bump up the heat level by increasing the chilies):

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        I could swear you're channelling my inner Asian here. I've been on a Thai kick lately. I blame it on living in Singapore. :D

        Seriously, though? That looks fabulous. All of them. Thanks. :)

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          Well I live in LA and I'll gladly eat Thai any day of the week :) Let us know what you end up making!

      2. 2nd the suggestion for Thai red curry ... I've had one that had duck and lychee (pineapple could work too) in it, amazing!

        I think Chinese style lettuce wraps would be delicious with duck. Shredded duck in sriracha or chili-oil spiked hoisin, laid on top of some rice / rice noodles, green onion, and julienned cucumber, then wrapped in a lettuce leaf. Possibly some toasted sliced almonds for crunch. (I guess what I'm envisioning is a spicy peking duck / lettuce wrap mash up!)

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          Curious, you're giving me all sorts of ideas. :D Spicy spring rolls, for example, with some of the leftover duck meat. The duck with lychee or pineapple sounds like a great pair, too. Thanks! :)

        2. thai warm duck salad! -- but don't toss the skin (as the recipe suggests). fry it up into cracklings and mix it in with the salad! oh YEAH!

          thai duck salad with green papaya -->

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            Good heavens, toss the skin? I've read enough to know that that's just... Horror!

            Both Thai dishes look great. We love our Thai salads anyway. I don't know why I didn't think of that. Thanks!

            1. re: LMAshton

              i was wondering why they suggested tossing the skin, and then i saw it was a "cooking light" recipe. crispy duck skin is, however, worth every calorie!

          2. Duck is very common in Kerala cooking. You might start there to look for recipes. It's used in curries, usually with coconut milk and lots of spices, as well as something called a duck roast which isn't what you might expect. Comes with lots of sauce and vegetables. Sorry I don't have a recipe for you but we just came back from south India and had duck there several times.

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              Ah, I didn't know that. I'm much more familiar with Sri Lankan cuisine than Indian, of course, but still... I'll take a closer look. Thanks! :)

                1. re: chefj

                  That duck with pepper masala looks fantastic, as does the duck roast. Indian curries are pretty much always a win with us, especially if they're from the south, meaning spicier.

                  Thanks so much. Sometimes, just knowing the name of something makes it so much easier to figure things out. :)

                    1. re: LMAshton

                      Keralan cooking has a lot of similarity with Sri Lankan. Many of the dishes are the same, only with different names.

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                        *nods* That was my suspicion. :)