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Feb 27, 2013 06:31 PM

4 days in boston with adventurous chow kids.

We will be going to Boston and staying at the Fairmont Copely in a few weeks. We love going to a chowhound recommendation, DDD features or chasing a food truck. Our kids are well behaved and well travelled and do not eat at mcdonalds type places.

We will not have a car. We have alot of Chinese, thai, indian where we live. So we would be aiming for seafood, italian. Mexican or fun mom and pop Boston chow recommendations. We would travel in the train if it would be a must try or take a bus. Any walking restaurants to our hotel is a bonus.

Love a good happy hour too but read its not legal in Boston.

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  1. a couple of neighborhood recommendations with kids that might be fun. Brasserie Jo serves breakfast through dinner, french bistro food, very nice to kids. DeLux Cafe is funky and fun. Salty Pig is a nice stop for charcuterie and a drink. Walk the kids through the gorgeous public library which has a very nice sports photo exhibit right now and a pleasant cafe inside. Take them to see the Harvard Museums, particularly the one with the glass flowers, walk through Harvard Square, and have burgers at Mrs. Bartley's Burgers or, more upscale, at Grafton or Russell House Tavern. Walk over to the Summer Shack and have some fried clams. Hit Neptune Seafood in the North End for an early or late lunch and some fabulous seafood. have fun. Enjoy Boston.

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      To expand on the Harvard museums, it's the Natural History Museum that has the glass flowers, as well as one of the most extensive collections in the world of gems and precious stones and taxidermed'll even see a duckbilled platypus! Sounds gruesome, but kids really love this spot:

      In the North End, I might not try for Neptune, it is really small and may not be the best best for family dining. Other options in the North End are L'Osteria (VERY family friendly and food is great). and don't miss Maria's or Modern Bakery for cannoli and other amazing Italian pastries. Don't get sucked into Mike's.

      1. re: Science Chick

        +1 on Natural History Museum - kids love it and so do I. It's not a whole day trip like the MFA or the Museum of Science. There is Tasty Burger in Harvard Square that rivals Bartley's. It's a newish small group of burger restaurants. If you decide to do a tour of Fenway Park the original Tasty is behind the park in a converted garage complete with a family friendly pool table.

        1. re: Berheenia

          They do have a happy meal for chow kids who don't do Mickey D's.

          1. re: Berheenia

            Thanks but no interest in Fenway park tour with no baseball game. We loveeee burgers and like to try unique burger joints.

            Good menu selection at tasty burger. Lol on the no micky d happy meal. We call it rotten ronnies

            1. re: palmtree38

              on second thought my spouse is trying to be convinced to go with boys for a Fenway park tour. so I will let them know about the original tasty burger joint. thanks

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                Also by Fenway, if you want a quick bite and not necessarily a sit down meal there are the tacos (the fish are a board favorite) at La Verdad. There are also burritos and tortas for the non taco eaters. You can choose the restaurant side or just to take out (a couple small tables).

        2. re: teezeetoo

          I should have specified "walkable" for you: Brasserie Jo, Salty Pig, DeLux Cafe, Summer Shack,Boston Public Library, all walkable for you. Also walkable: Parish Cafe, La Voile, Bistro du Midi, Tico. Re: kids - at the MFA kids are free and the Samurai exhibit should be open (taking my grandsons who love the MFA already but especially weapons, armour, horses, musical instruments and, oddly enough, the jewelry!). Museum has a "free" day or evening you can check and a servicable cafeteria in the basement and a more expensive restaurant near the new american wing.

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            And there is this for ways to save with the Children's Museum

            And the Institute of Contemporary Art which is not too far from the Children's Museum


            Flour, Hook, and Yankee Lobster work for both.

            1. re: viperlush

              Thanks so much!!! Will go friday night 5-9pm is $1 TARGET nights. Great savings.

              I really appreciate it

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              Brasserie Jo's "Uncle Hansi's Tart", which is Alsatian Onion Tart (caramelized onion-packed quiche) is one of the best things I have ever eaten.

              Daily Catch is known for a variety of squid preparations, including braised stuffed. I haven't been in many years but enjoyed the all-squid version of a fisherman's platter, which was 4 different squid dishes. It's a very small restaurant.

              You might think about the high tea at the Ritz, as a memorable experience. I've never been and don't know what it costs.

              There's a chocolate tour and a chocolate buffet or ask the concierge.

              The Helmand, in Cambridge, is a well-regarded Afghan restaurant owned by relatives of that country's controversial president, Hamid Karzai.

              I believe you can get to Salem, MA, by train. Witch Museum, and the Peabody-Essex Museum, which is America's oldest. It is a combination of paintings, crafts, and historical artifacts. Not very large, and something for everyone.

            3. re: teezeetoo

              tz, i think your suggestions are mostly terrific but "walk to Summer Shack"?? Brattle St is beautiful and historic but Harv Sq to Summer Shack is quite the hike! (better the Red Line, me thinks!) But I would rec they save the fried clams for Neptune Oyster.Also because I think both the kids and parents will really be fascinated by the North End /Waterfront.

              1. re: opinionatedchef

                tz is referring to the Summer Shack on Dalton Street next to the Sheraton.

            4. Fogo de Chao in Copley. Brazilian bbq where they bring skewers of meat to your table. I went with a friend from Sao Paulo and she spoke of it highly. Bit pricey but little kids get discounts.


              Yakitori Zai in South End, specifically their weekend lunch menu of various Japanese ramen. I have not been yet, but you can see pictures and read a detailed review at the linked site below. The blogger mentions that the tomato ramen was a hit with kids.


              Enjoy your visit.

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              1. re: lossless

                There's lots of good Brazillian places in the Boston area (Medford and Somerville and Everett areas especially), but Fogo De Chao is a chain that is everywhere and overpriced.

                1. re: Fly

                  True it's a chain, but good enough food to earn praise from a Brazilian native. Also much easier for someone staying in the Copley area without a car than other worthy spots in Medford, Somerville or Everett.

                  1. re: lossless

                    There are worthy spots in East Cambridge/Inman. No need to go all the way out to Everett or Medford.

                2. re: lossless

                  Clams will be breaded and fried, served with fries, onion rings, cole slaw, tartar sauce, ketchup...maybe some vinegar, if you're into that.

                3. Regarding food trucks, there is a spot behind your hotel where 2-3 trucks are parked at lunch time monday - friday. They list the schedule on this site and you want to look for the location: Back Bay - (3) Back Bay, Copley Square South at Trinity Place
                  Some reccomendations - the meatball sub from The Dining Car, Greek Salad with Falafel from the Chubby Chickpea and Ramen from Momogoose.

                  The truck rotations are changing in April, so there may be different truck options by then.

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                  1. re: ChocolateMilkshake

                    There is not too much selection especial none on weekends. Is there another location that is close by i.e. 10 min walk or less?

                    1. re: ChocolateMilkshake

                      Skip dining car and momogoose!!!

                      Eat anything offered by chubby chickpea.

                      The take out restaurant in the JH building across the street from those trucks is pretty great.

                    2. Have they had Ethiopian? They might enjoy Addis Red Sea in the South End.

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                          You eat with your hands (using the Injera bread as a utensil), which I always thought would appeal to children. Addis Red Sea is within walking distance of your hotel.

                          1. re: LeoLioness

                            +1 for Addis Red Sea - they default to regular wheat flour injera, but if you ask they'll bring you the kind made with teff flour instead.

                      1. Probably a cliche, but an Italian dinner and a cannoli or some other cream-filled delicacy in the North End..

                        Take the Silver Line over to Legal Harborside - beautiful water views, and good seafood.

                        How much Chinese do you have? There are some tasty spots in Chinatown - Q Hot Pot, Gourmet Dumpling House, that are really good for a visit.