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Looking for Breakfast/Lunch in beautiful settings

I love places with good food and beautiful/unique locations like Gibbert Hill in Groton or Pickety Place in Mason, NH. I especially like a farm or rural setting, too.
I am not including dinner in my request because I have little ones and well, we don't see past 7 pm very often but certainly willing to store some suggestions away for dinner.
I am from Worcester area but we travel all New England so glad to hear any suggestions.

(Crossposting to the other New England ones)

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  1. Is this for now or in general? Shelburne Farms is open from May-October outside Burlington, VT. One of the most beautiful places I've had breakfast - on the banks of Lake Champlain.

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      Now AND in general. I am making some vacation plans and, well, restaurants are as important as any attraction I go to! Thanks, I have popped in there to look around about 20 years ago and should put that on my list again! I do remember it as green and stunning.

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        I have to take some time to think of some beautiful settings, but one diffferent outing that came to mind might be the wenham tea house for breakfast, lunch or tea with all the little tea sandwiches and pastries, and across the street is the wenham museum which is a childrens museum with model trains, old toys, dolls and whatever is the main exhibit that day.. There are also nice country roads and farms, eg Green Meadow farm in the immediate area. If you like an ocean view,eating at the tip of BearNeck in Rockport or on Bass Rocks at the Ocean View Inn are great ocean views.

    2. I would be interested in dinner options!

      1. In Bolton/ Harvard Area is the winery, gorgeous views, terrific brunch.

          1. I don't know if this specifically meets your criteria, but Cafe G at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is a lovely space with surprisingly sophisticated cuisine. That coupled with a vist to the museum makes for a pretty stunning lunch and afternoon.

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              I ate at Cafe G a couple times this spring, and would not go out of my way to have lunch there. I think the MFA restaurants are better, and the setting and seating more comfortable.

            2. I am curious about Maggie's Farm in Middleton, MA. Can anyone chime in? I think I remember reading some not-so-favorable reviews, but it seems like an interesting place.


              EDIT: I just perused the Yelp site (so sue me, they have photos!)...I thought it was on an actual farm, which it doesn't appear to be! So it won't fit the OP's request. Never mind.

              I had my wedding feast at the Lobster Pool in Rockport....dun't get any better than that. Tote a cooler with plenty of ice, stock up on beer/wine at a local "packie," visit Halibut Point Park, then hit up the Lobster Pool. Grab a picnic table outside, kids can run around, adults can enjoy adult beverages and sigh as the sun sets. Or if you go early, as you requested, you will forgo the sunset but will not have to wait in line and easily grab a table.

              1. The Waterhouse in Peterborough NH has a beautiful location on the river. In warm weather, outside tables. They do brunch on Sunday, otherwise open for dinner.

                1. It's only from 4-7:30pm but it's on a real farm - outdoor dining with pizza http://www.pizzaonearth.com/

                  If you want to consider picnics - one of my favorite places is the top of Mt Battie in Camden or among the trees at Pemaquid Point in ME. In Harpswells area (east of Brunswick ME) you can find some conservation land that is open to the public. One is a very private beach. You need a vehicle with good clearance because the road in is very rough. The rest area on Great Bay, Dover Point NH is also a popular picnic place. Name escapes me right now. You can buy lunch (nothing fancy) or bring a picnic to enjoy during Musterfield Farm's Old Time Farming Day in Sutton NH. It's usually the weekend before Labor Day weekend. Antique tractor parade in the afternoon. Nice little farmstand. There's one or two food stands set up as a fundraiser. Probably one of the prettiest farms in NH. Perfect for children.

                  We haven't been in ages but the Foothills Restaurant in Warner NH is very popular for breakfast and downtown Warner is nice. Great independent bookstore across the street.

                  1. Thanks all, for your replies. Some places I knew about and kind of forgot, some places I've never heard of. Looking forward to all of them!

                    1. Daniel's in Henniker, NH (lunch) overlooking the Contoocook River. Henniker is a college town, and there's a charming covered bridge on the campus of NE College.
                      Seaglass in Salisbury, MA is right on the ocean, has great food, known for their crab cakes. Upscale but family friendly. Davenport's Maple Farm in Shelburne, MA. Quaint, family friendly, authentic farm atmosphere. Open weekends during maple sugaring season. Best whole wheat pancakes ever! Fun adventure along the scenic Mohawk Trail in Western, MA.

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                        Daniel's is a nice suggestion for lunch. It could be combined with NH's maple sugar weekend March 23 and 24.

                        It might be too busy for breakfast during the spring festival weekend but Warner NH's Foothills restaurant is very popular for breakfast. The spring festival has been very nice for young children - bouncy house for kids, different craft activities, storytime at the library. I've taken my young granddaughters. Warner is a small, pretty town. And it's a short walk to the grade school playground. But when you head back to the hwy (I93) drive Rt 103 instead of I89 toward Concord and do a detour to Beech Hill Farm for ice cream. They have farm animals and a giant sandpile with toy trucks for kids to use.

                      2. Shelburne Farms for breakfast\brunch certainly would fit the bill.

                        Another "interesting" although not beautiful settting would be Leunigs on Church Street in Burlington. On a nice day there is a lot of people milling about, playing instruments, etc. on the pedestrian mall. A neat urban setting vibe.

                        1. http://www.yelp.com/biz/inn-at-weathe...

                          I hear the Inn in Weathersfield, VT is top notch.
                          The area alsohas many scenic attractions.

                          1. Brandon Music near Brandon, VT has a nice tea room. It's in a rural location east of Brandon.

                            1. I second the recommendation for Shelburne Farms. Great setting. If the weather is good you can sit on the veranda with great views of Lake Champlain. The dining room itself is elegant.