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Feb 27, 2013 05:03 PM

Dinner near Kabuki Theater [San Francisco]

We're going to the Kabuki to see the SF Opera Porgy and Bess showing next week, and I'm looking for a place for an early dinner (around 5:30). No sushi, but anything else is fine. Would prefer something within walking distance so we only have to park once. Japantown would be fine, but we're willing to walk for good food.

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  1. I love love love Dosa on Fillmore which is pretty much across the street. Upscale Indian food.

    There's tons of places on Fillmore within easy walking distance, though. Any price point or specific cuisine preference? Just cause there really is a LOT.

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    1. re: Violatp

      I didn't like Dosa when they first opened, but I think the one on Fillmore has become really good. I'd recommend going there.

    2. We're looking to have dinner and a glass of wine for around $30 each.

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      1. re: Barb S

        If you walk a little further up Fillmore (not crossing Geary) there's Fresca which is a great value. Peruvian. Most popular dishes I think are the half chickens and the lomo saltado. Generous portions for the price.

      2. Try the "wappa" at Maki inside Jtown mall.

        1. Definitely go to Dosa!! I actually have not had a chance to go to it yet, but I've heard from SO many people raving about it. Supposed to be one of the best Indian places in the city, and great atmosphere. It's super high on my SF dining list.

          And literally across the street from the Kabuki, on Fillmore & the street after Geary.

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            Very hard to get out of Dosa for $30 each, except if you stick to appetizers... It is over-priced for what is offered.

            Having lived in that 'hood, I would recommend a bowl of noodles at Tampopo, Fat Angel flatbreads and smoked trout salad, Takara for hot Japanese, or La Mediterranee for their pomegranate chicken.

            For a little more money, consider SPQR...

            1. re: CarrieWas218

              More than once I've just wanted to get multiple orders of the Chennai chicken to go and just take it home and make sandwiches. Best thing on their appetizer menu!

          2. Places on (or just off Fillmore) between Geary and California include Florio, Woodhouse Fish, SPQR, Out the Door & Harry's Bar. There is a Thai place on the n/w corner of Pine & Fillmore.