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Feb 27, 2013 04:39 PM

Dinne @ Rasika, Penn Quarter, 2/20/2013

Reporting back on our trip to Washington, DC (February 19-25, 2013) . . .

Second Night: Rasika (Penn Quarter)

Following Minibar, Lynn & I dined at Rasika, or as Monty Python would say, β€œAnd now for something completely different . . . β€œ

We dined on . . .

Cauliflower Bezule
Khatta Meetha Tikka
Truffle Naan
Chilli and Olive Oil Naan
Chicken Tikka Marsala
Lamb Nihari

Everything was delicious, perfectly prepared – though one could wish for both more truffle in the Truffle Naan AND more heat in the Chilli and Olive Oil Naan – and it was a memorable meal for the day after Minibar . . .

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  1. no Palak Chaat? oh there are bench warrants out for you pal.