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Feb 27, 2013 04:17 PM

Tasty casual meal at Mixtura

Anyone been to Mixtura in Somerville, heading toward Inman? I went the other night and was quite pleased. They have ALL DAY Mexican breakfast, first off. Also, their empanadas were huge, savory, sweet, and absolutely delicious. Service was quick and efficient -- and the price is right. I'm mainly delighted that they serve all-day breakfasts!!

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  1. I live fairly close but have only been there twice. I'll have to try their empanadas.

    1. I had a subpar breakfast this am at Mixtura. It was a spur of the moment breakfast decision bc I was giving a friend a ride. She had less then an hour before her appointment and I was starving. Scones from Petsi's weren't going to cut it.

      I had never been to Mixtura but I had one meh meal from the former restaurant, Danny's. The menu seemed intriguing since it was Latin fusion place and I had a hard time choosing. My friend ordered the eggs scrambled with chorizo and home fries and I had the bed of quinoa, spinach and poached eggs with an addition of sliced avocados.

      As we were waiting, I heard the ding of a microwave and internally shuddered. When the plates came out, the portions were big. I looked at my poached eggs and knew instantly, those were the things in the microwave. Overcooked insides and dried outsides. You could see the holes in the white where it dried out. The quinoa had a nice flavor but had been cooked (or re-heated) with too much chicken broth. It was too mushy for my taste, and the steamed spinach was fine. There were also some sliced rounds of (microwaved) luke warm sweet potato. My friend's chorizo with eggs were fine, she liked them. The coffee was mediocre.

      Service was lackadaisical (and we were pressed for time) which is why I didn't send my plate back. Every time we needed something, we had to do a quick wave. Most of the time she didn't see us since she was looking down at the counter.

      Such a shame since the breakfast menu looked so promising. Maybe breakfast at breakfast time isn't their strong suit.

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        I'm so sorry to hear that. I've always had good food there, but haven't been in a while.

      2. SWANK,would you plse describe those empanadas: baked, fried? beef with cumin? or_?_; sweet filling or sweet pastry? thnx!

        My understanding is that this place is owned by the woman who owns Pollo las Brasas in Union Sq. They have huge unusual tamales at PLB, but i have never seen empanadas there.

        1. I was at Zoe's today for lunch and noticed that the awning for Mixtura (next door) is gone and the windows covered with paper. I expect this means that Mixtura is gone for good.